Meet my brother Chris

This is my oldest brother Chris and his family. His wife Keri and their 5 children: Kaden, Kelsi, Carter, Kaleb, and Cole. They live in California and so we do not get to see them often enough. It was so great to see them.  Keri is one of those people who amaze me. She is so smart. I love asking her questions and learning from her. She loves to have fun and she loves her children so much. She is the most amazing pianist and has spread her talent to her children. She has been in many pageants and is so beautiful. My brother Chris is 7 years older than me. Him and I have been compared often...both clumsy (or seem to get hurt often), both have horrible seasonal allergies and we are both allergic to many fruits. Chris is very good at building things...just like my dad and he is such a hard worker!
The boys!
Adorable Kelsi!

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Dixie said...

What a beauiful tribute to Chris and Keri. Ditto to all you said.