Time to meet Kurt

This is my brother Kurt and his gorgeous family!
These two met at BYU athlete's gym. Leah was a gymnast and Kurt was on the football team. I think that they make the cutest couple and they make the cutest babies!
Here's Kurt, playing with the kids! He is most fun dad and such an awesome uncle. My kids adore him!
Kurt just bought his own practice and is an orthodontist. He has the best smile...so this is a great job for him. He is athletic and kind and so fun to be around.
This girl just amazes me. She is so generous and I look forward to seeing her any chance I get. I just love her! She is pregnant with their fourth little girl! She is a lucky little girl!
Annie is 7 and she is such a special little girl. Hailey adores her.
Alyse is 5 and is SO full of personality. She has always been so petite...just the cutest lil' thing.
I really enjoyed getting to know Madelyn better on this trip. She went from being a little baby to being this long haired, talking, 3 year old.
The girls begged to sleep in the same room the whole week, for sake of a good nights sleep, we told them that on the last night only! They were in heaven....giggles galore! The younger three in one room....
and the older two in another. These girls were actually asleep first!!
Leah and I always laugh because Hailey is taller than Annie but is 18 months younger than her. She is like...twice... the size of Alyse and they are only 10 months apart.


Dixie said...

I am so enjoying this!! Another great sibling and family.

Leah said...

thanks Trina....love you and your family too!!! wish you weren't so far away...some day!!

Momma/Susan said...

Love seeing all the pictures again....Good times !!!