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1. What were you doing 10 years ago?
I was 17 and was a Junior in High School. That its too weird to think that it has been that long! I loved hanging out with friends and thought boys were pretty cool!

2. 5 things on my to-do list today-
Well, it's Sunday so my list of things to do are a little different than a normal day:

1. Pick up the house before my visiting teachers arrive!
2. Help John make cookies for his home teaching families.
3. Get refreshments ready for our Primary Board Meeting...Toffee fruit dip and pineapple, bananas, apples, and grapes! YUM!
4. Keep the TV off...it's been our Sunday goal and it has gone great. We have really enjoyed the peacefulness that comes from no TV!
5. Finish our rolls for dinner...the rest of our dinner in already in the crockpot and smells so yummy.

3.What snacks do I enjoy?
Well, being pregnant I enjoy a different variety of snacks than usual. Fruit has been at the top of my list...which is better than a month ago when all I wanted was Wendy's everyday! I'm not actually a huge snacker... I know...boring!

4. What would I do if I were to suddenly become a billionaire?
I would pay off all of our school loans-get John finished with school and buy a house. I am tired of renting! I want a backyard and a garage (definitely mom comments!!) I would buy a mini van today! I would save most of it for our children's future and would be very excited about putting my children in dance and sports and give them music lessons of all sorts. That's something that we can't afford to do with being students and all but it would be great! Of course I would find great ways to help out our community and to serve others. Wouldn't that be so much fun! I have always thought that it would be so wonderful to be able to help boys go on missions who couldn't afford it! Someday maybe!

5.3 bad habits:
Usually people aren't aware of their bad habits...that's why they do it...they don't recognize it as bad so this one is hard for me! Heres a go...

1. I am kind of loud...well...very loud! I often walk away from conversations thinking that I have said too much! I'm a little too open and maybe a little too friendly!
2.I hate to fold the laundry so sometimes it sits around my house for a day or two before I can't stand it anymore!
3. I love to watch TV at night...John and I have our favorite shows and although it makes me so happy I wish that I was motivated to do things that would better serve me and my family! By the end of the day I'm usually too wiped out to do much of anything else so this habit is sticking around for a bit...at least until the baby comes and my energy slowly returns.

6. Places I've lived:

Virginia Beach, VA
Provo, UT
Rexburg, ID

Next year we will add one more to my list for Johns intern year!!

7. 5 jobs I've had:

1. Nanny...I've done this a few times, for a few different families!
2. Express...the clothing store in the mall! I did that for 3 years!
3. While attending BYU I worked with handicap adults and teens who were living on their own.
4. I taught 2nd grade and Kindergarten
5. I currently own my own business: Little Miss Priss

8. Things people don't know about me.

1. I don't like traditional pizza! I prefer alfredo or ranch pizza over marinera sauce!
2. I don't like making new friends! I'm not very good at it...I worry too much about what they might be thinking! If I am befriended by others I do much better. I love to have good friends though and I love them so much! I will remember friends even from my childhood and think about them often. Once a friend...always a friend!
3. I love camping! I have great memories as a child and wish that we were in a better situation to camp now. Someday!
4. I love good music! I am very affected by meaningful tunes and love the way that it makes me feel.

Now I have to tag 5 of you! I am going to tag some of my close friends who live nearby...Chablis Adams, Heidi Russell, Abbi Penn and two of my sister-in-laws...Jen Hecker and Leah Niepraschk! As much as I know all 5 of you, it would be so fun to hear a few new things...if that's possible~ maybe you'll stump me!


Easter Egg Bash

John's family has a great tradition and we were so excited to be able to do it here in Virginia this year. Did you know that if you hit two eggs together only one will crack....every time! His family hard boils their own eggs and decorates them-they are very serious about this-and then they have a tournament to see who's eggs beats all the eggs. John made a bracket sheet similar to March Madness! We had 18 people participating so it was a blast.
These are all of the cracked eggs....the losers you could say! The little purple egg was the winner! Go Amelia! She is almost two years old and she did a great job! Her dad, Markus, sure was a great helper!

Isabella's First Steps

About a week ago (I know I'm a slow blogger), Isabella started to take her first steps without help. She started by taking about 3 or 4 steps and worked her way up to about 7! We were sooo excited...mostly because her pants are all getting ruined when she plays outside! She doesn't think it's that great though and she would much rather crawl...so she's not actually a walker yet. Hopefully very soon though.


My lil' bro!

So this is Kevin! He has taken a semester off from BYU Idaho to stay with my mom and help her with her get ready for my parents big move across the country! He has been so great to have around! I think that my mom has really enjoyed having the company! He is so easy to be around...he's not one to stress people out.
He's loving and thoughtful...
ummm...hilarious to say the least!
Check out the crazy hat hair! A true mountain man! And he is so helpful with my little girls anytime he can be. He loves to hold Izzie and although I think that Hailey drives him crazy...he has learned patience as he has been forced to spend time with her :)! I love you Kevin and am so thankful that I have been blessed with such a great little brother!

Man oh Man!

No picture with this entry as I am writing to complain about my growing abdomen. At 13 weeks I should not be feeling as big as I feel. I got my pregnancy clothes out of storage a few days ago but I refuse to wear them for a few more weeks. I would rather just have a huge baby belly than this one that just makes me look fat. Thanks for listening to me complain!