Update on the chicken pox!

I brought Hailey into the doctor on Friday and was so releaved to find out that the mysterious bumps were just hives. I say JUST only because Hives are so much more appealing than chicken pox. Hailey's pediatrician said that he has seen atleast one patient a day with these exact same hives and that it is just a virus. He told me that some people are just more suseptiable to get hives than others and Hailey must be one of THOSE! I've never had hives in my entire life but Hailey has already had them about 6 times in 4 years. The doc also told me that they could last up to two weeks but that it's no big deal. Trust me...it's a big deal because the poor girl looked like she had been attacked by a million killer bees. The great news is that she is already looking much better!



So about 2 weeks ago my friend Natalie asked me if I wanted to go to the midnight showing of Twilight. My response..."Are you insane?" That was the last we had talked about it, until yesterday morning when my husband said that he thought that it would be fun for me to go. Again my response was..."Are you insane?" I can't even stay awake past 9pm to watch a movie with my husband. I have fallen asleep every time we have attempted to watch a movie in the past two months. At my presidency meeting late that afternoon, one of our friends mentioned going to the movie and something came over me...I couldn't contain it. I started screaming and yelling and I was so darn excited. So that's how it happened. The rest of the evening was spent in anticipation for this glorious event. I obviously don't get out very often! I had been planning on taking Talon with me but John insisted on me leaving him at home with him. So sweet. Although I was very nervous about leaving Talon...umm....don't think that I've ever left him...I'm glad that he was able to stay home! John said he would make him a bottle if necessary and that they would be just fine.
My expectations of the movie were quite low...but I was pleasantly surprised! I loved it! Edward wasn't quite as I had imagined but most of the characters were exactly like how I had pictured them. I didn't even feel tired at all...amazing! It's been awhile since I have stayed up that late, but John reminded me that I am actually always up that late when I am waking up with our kids all night. Well, when Hailey woke up at 5:45 this morning I was a little tired to say the least. Maybe I can sneak a nap in sometime today? Hmmm...actually I have an eye appointment and it looks like I just added another appointment to the list-Look at the next post to find out what it is!

Could it be?

This is what Hailey woke up to this morning. I'm not sure if they are the beginning stages of Chicken Pox? Hailey has had hives 4 times this week but this looks completely different than any of those times. She can't stop itching them. They are not blisters...not yet atleast. All of the pictures that I found on the internet look more like open sores. They are on her entire body. I'm so worried about Talon!


Oh Boy!

I think that I have figured out where that expression (oh Boy) came from!! My little boy is a handful to say the least. He is a fussy baby...THAT I can handle. Last night...was MORE than I can handle. Talon cried-no he screamed- from 6 pm to 1 am. NO JOKE! John and I would take turns trying to sooth, shush, rock, bounce, feed, change, burp, swaddle and plead. When John couldn't take anymore, then it was my turn. When I couldn't take anymore, then it was his turn. Sure enough...he is exhausted today and just wants to sleep...BUT there are stipulations to his desire to sleep. He doesn't want to sleep just anywhere. He wants to sleep ON ME! So this is my life. I am so glad that I have a little baby to snuggle, infact all of my children have grown a strong desire to be snuggled. It's sweet, really!
I must admit that I do have moments when I would prefer to blow dry my hair without a baby attached to me, but what can you do? I know that he won't ALWAYS be fussy. He'll grow out of it. In a few years I will be missing it all, wishing that I could get this time back. I need to remind myself of that right now because I am exhausted and I have a long list of things that need to be done.


We sure do love this guy! He has worked so hard for the past 4 years and I am so proud of him and his dedication to his family and his education. His 5th year in his program is an internship year. The internship sites are very competitive as there are more applicants than there are sites. He has already received two invitations to interview! He will be flying to Syracuse NY and Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN back to back in December. I love you so much John and am so thankful to have you in my life. Thanks for all of your hard work!


I DO NOT like Emergency Rooms!

Last night we ended up in the Emergency Room with Hailey after she had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics that she had been given for pneumonia. She threw up (5 times) and then broke out in nasty rashes all over her body. The poor girl didn't even eat anything yesterday so all she had in her stomach was apple juice. After talking to her doctor, he advised that she be taken in to get x-rays and further diagnostics. It turns out that she also has a bladder infection. She's on a new antibiotic and a third kind of inhalant! YIKES! Hailey was a great sport. On the way home (after midnight) she told me that she never wanted to go to that house again!?? House huh? John and I agreed-no more ER for our family...unless they are sick enough to require an ambulance!
Thank goodness for great friends!! Natalie watched Isabella for us and stayed up late into the evening! Abbi shared her dinner with us which is always a blessing! Thanks girls!

The good news is that my children were very tired today. They woke up early (due to a coughing fit of Hailey's) and so they napped really well! All three of my children were asleep at the same time. That never happens...atleast not when I am not holding atleast one of them! I started and completed this art project that I have been thinking about for two months. It's for the girls room. The pictures are bigger than they look...oh I wish you could see the details! I still have a few more things that I need to do before their room is complete.
I made these hanging pom poms over the weekend.

Hailey sure does make some funny faces. Here's a nice one!! She doesn't like any medicine so this has all been really hard for her. Here she is puffin' away!
We decided that we needed to have a few minutes outside today and so the girls enjoyed these cute suckers and a few minutes in the fresh air!
It's all fun and games until.....
Someone starts coughing!
This is when we headed back inside!


You know your children are sick when....

1. they put themselves into bed.

2. they aren't interested in trick-or-treating.

3. they have only eaten three pieces of candy since Halloween.

4. quietly sitting through an entire 30 minute show is accomplished (my children do not have the attention span normally).

5. they have turned into my slippers, always following my ankles every step that I take.

6. they walk around with a bucket in hand.

7. a normally hungry child has decided that food ain't that great.

8. they don't even ask if they can have one of the delicious, sprinkled and frosted cookies sitting on the counter.

9. they fall asleep so fast that the gummy vitamin in their mouth wasn't even all the way eaten up and ended up stuck in their hair.

10. they beg you to buy a box of tissues for their constantly running nose!

Yes, my children are sick! I bet that all of your children are sick...at least everyone's children in this neck of the woods are sick. Hailey got sick on Halloween night and we just kept thinking that she would get better. Her list of ailments has grown extensively and it seems like everyday she is getting worse...not better. She throws up from coughing so hard and she can't seem to keep any food in her tummy. She had a temp. of 103 for 5 days and complained that it was hard to breath (scary)! After many hours of talking to nurses on the phone and spending time in the doctors office we have discovered that Hailey has Pneumonia. She has been put on antibiotics and is using an inhaler every 4 hours and another inhaler twice in the morning and twice at night. Hopefully in 48 hours she'll be healed!

My poor little Talon has also been sick and has scared us a few times with his breathing. He sometimes gets into these coughing fits and he seems to not be able to gather any breath in his lungs and is struggling to breath. It only lasts for moments and then he recovers. I have realized in these moments that although I have been certified like 10 times for mouth to mouth resuscitation, I'm not so sure that I could ever possibly do it for real! After two doctor visits they think that he has Bronchiolitis, which is a viral infection usually caused from RSV (respiratory syncytial virus). Unfortunetly for him, there are no antibiotics for it since it is viral and not bacterial! As long as he gets better in the next few days then we will just let it take it's course.

I am so grateful for my sweet little children. It's hard not to feel sad for them when they are begging to be better. I pray that I can do all I need to as a mother to protect them and heal them. John has been a great daddy....ready to hold, wipe, dump, feed, clean, or snuggle anyone that is needing it! Wish us luck as we fight the battle of the beligerent colds!



Hailey is 4 1/2 and is so FULL of life! She always has a "great idea" as she would say and she is always looking to have a good time. She is a party waiting to happen. This is a picture of her and John from last week as they were walking to the bus stop. I tried to get a shot of her face but she refused in her grumpiness! This was the best I could get...her pouting! She is STILL crying every day but at least John doesn't have to carry her anymore. Some days are better than others, but she hasn't had a day without crying a little. She comes home so happy though and shares songs and talks about her friends. She is always excited about the weekend when she gets to play with Isabella!

Isabella is now 1 3/4! This is a picture of her and her cousin Madeline! We had a great visit with my sister-in-law and her three kids a few weeks ago when they traveled here from Tennessee. They are 5 months apart and will hopefully be great friends someday.
Isabella is talking more and more everyday...I love this stage! She is sleeping in her bunk bed with Hailey on the top and I'm sure she thinks that she is so cool. Whenever John or I try to lay on her bed she tells us, "MINE"! She is still LOVING her pacifier and it will be interesting when we try to cut her of that habit! For those of you wondering if I'm still glad that I let her have one-the answer is HECK YA! I know that every mom has there own opinion about binkies and my opinion is that if the child likes them, let them have it! I do not think that it's so great to have a three year old walking around with one so someday we'll have to break the habit.
Today Talon is 2 months old! Where has the time gone? He has started smiling a ton and loves to play peek-a-boo! He still cries quite a bit during the day, but it's just because he wants to be held. I wish that I had more arms sometimes. He is such a sweet little boy and I can't wait to get to know him more and more everyday as he is showing more of his personality. He loves to run errands and sleeps great most of the time...as long as we are on the move he's sleeping.

All of my children have been sick for the last two weeks and we look forward to the next week of hopefully healthy bodies. John and I have both had it as well, but luckily we are over it! John stayed home from church with the girls (Hailey had a fever of 103) and Talon and I went and enjoyed a relatively relaxing sacrament. When I came home, the house was sOoOOoooO clean! Thanks honey! He mopped the floors, cleaned the couches (vacuumed between the cushions) and scrubbed anything else in his path! Gotta love that!! He was even still in his church clothes (he had been at early morning meetings all morning). There's nothing better than a clean house, a handsome husband, and well rested children!

Good Times

I am flooded with emotions and memories of these amazing women. I sure do miss you Chablis and Heidi! You girls are fabulous and I can't wait for the day for us to be able to visit with each other again. What fun we had! I learned so much from both of you and am so grateful for your friendship. Thanks for all of the great times! I love and miss you greatly! Good luck with your sweet little babies!!



What is it about Halloween that is so darn fun?? Could it be that we get to dress up and be whatever we want to be? Could it be that we get to eat a disgusting amount of candy? Or could it be the memories that we make with friends and families as we gather for a good time? For me....it is all of the above! I LOVE HALLOWEEN!

Here we have Princess Aurora and a Butterfly! Hailey was really cold and didn't want to take her coat off, she eventually did but of course I have no picture of that. I wish that I would have taken a picture of her hair and make-up too! Hailey loves that part of Halloween. She has glitter all over her hair and body.

Here's the silliest clown that you ever did meet. He kept trying to be funny atleast, but he came across as a little scary. What is it about clowns and nightmares?? Isabella wasn't so sure about this at first but she soon warmed up to her loving, sweet daddy underneath the spooky white face.

Isabella was the cutest Carebear that there ever was. She is a sweet tooth and so Halloween was FANTASTIC to her. Her favorite candy of choice???? A dum dum! Who would have guessed. She just kept opening those suckers up, one after another. She would take a nice juicy lick and then put it down and open another one. When I went through her bucket last night I took out 20 opened and licked lollipops! She was in Carebear heaven.

Talon slept most of the night but he did make a short appearance. He was a soft and cuddly teddy bear! We went to Trunk-or-Treat at our church which is perfect for our age of kids. They each went around a few times and we called it a night. By the time we decided to head home, Hailey had a tummy ache and was crying, Talon had decided that he was ready for some food and was balling. Isabella had just not had enough fun and wanted to keep going. She would NOT let go of her pumpkin (I don't blame her) but we couldn't get her in her carseat if she didn't let go. She was SCREAMING and ARCHING her back and in the process we had a very unhappy little girl! John and I just looked at each other and said, "Is this all worth it?" And the answer is YES! Sometimes making memories isn't easy but it is worth every second. Hailey came home and got straight into bed, she didn't even want to look at her candy! I was so surprised that both of our children were in bed and asleep by 8:00 on Halloween! I was planning on them having a late night...but when your kids are practically begging to go to sleep...it's hard not to let them. John and I stopped at Moe's (yummy) on the way home and so we relaxed and enjoyed each others company for the rest of the night! Well, actually I crashed at about 9:30 after a very exciting day!