Update on the chicken pox!

I brought Hailey into the doctor on Friday and was so releaved to find out that the mysterious bumps were just hives. I say JUST only because Hives are so much more appealing than chicken pox. Hailey's pediatrician said that he has seen atleast one patient a day with these exact same hives and that it is just a virus. He told me that some people are just more suseptiable to get hives than others and Hailey must be one of THOSE! I've never had hives in my entire life but Hailey has already had them about 6 times in 4 years. The doc also told me that they could last up to two weeks but that it's no big deal. Trust me...it's a big deal because the poor girl looked like she had been attacked by a million killer bees. The great news is that she is already looking much better!

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Rachel Elaine said...

I would say glad to hear the update, but really its not any easier for her. I sure hope she feels better quickly.