We've Moved!

OKay...no pictures! I know that's so boring but I promise pictures are coming soon. We have moved to Pennsylvania and so far so good! I love the house and we've had a lot of fun unpacking and getting all organized. It does seem a little silly to put so much work into a home we'll probably not be in for very long but it needs to feel like home...right? I just bough some new plants and pots today and PAINT to work on a few projects that are spinning around in my head. I should do one thing at a time but doing 5 things at a time is always more fun :)! Thanks for all of the calls and well wishes. We miss so many of you so much ALREADY! I have the best neighbor in the entire world and thank goodness because she is the only person in all of Erie that I have to talk to. Hopefully after going to our ward on Sunday they'll be a few more. Hey Jill...funny thing...not ONE person from the ward came to help us move in. I'm sure it was just a fluke but still really funny! Thank goodness for our other neighbor Victor who is probably 75 years old. HE WAS AMAZING and helped us all day long! Sweet man! We are really enjoying the cooler temps...it was like 72 degrees today! More to come soon!


Cascade Springs

I have never heard of this beautiful place before! I couldn't believe it. It is located in the Alpine Loop past Sundance. It is so pretty! There are these springs that come out from the ground and they have been preserved by not letting people play in them. Before we started the hike there were signs everywhere that said no picnicking and no playing in the water and I thought...that's silly. This isn't going to be much fun. After just a few minutes I really appreciated those rules because we were able to enjoy the natural beauty of the Springs.

Here's a group shot before the hike (although it's not really a hike..it's super short and stroller friendly!)
Hailey and her cousin Evelyn!
Because the Springs have been so well preserved you get to see wildlife at it's greatest! The water is so clear and you can see all of the beautiful fish. We were even lucky enough to see this baby moose and her mom (to the left). It was awesome...and a little scary. The mom was four times the size of this baby! They were drinking and eating moss from the water.

What a great way to start our trip. I already miss these mountains so much. They are amazing to me. My heart belongs in Utah!!

The best three weeks!

It all started with a REALLY long plane ride! At first the kids all crashed. All three and all at the same time! I kept thinking, "Wow, we've finally got this flying thing down." They slept for almost an hour. We still had 4 more hours on that flight and it was hard work to keep them entertained.

This is them playing with the family behind us! Oh what a flight! We landed in Las Vegas, had a two hour layover and then caught our last flight to Salt Lake City. Traveling with small children is always a lot of work and extremely exhausting.

Three kids came kind of fast in our family. One day there's just Hailey as a baby who ate hardly anything and then BAM...all of a sudden my family eats an entire loaf of bread at a time. It was interesting to try to figure out who had a big enough car to fit us and all of our stuff - to take us to the airport.

Lots more pictures of our trip to come! It really was the best three weeks!!!