The best three weeks!

It all started with a REALLY long plane ride! At first the kids all crashed. All three and all at the same time! I kept thinking, "Wow, we've finally got this flying thing down." They slept for almost an hour. We still had 4 more hours on that flight and it was hard work to keep them entertained.

This is them playing with the family behind us! Oh what a flight! We landed in Las Vegas, had a two hour layover and then caught our last flight to Salt Lake City. Traveling with small children is always a lot of work and extremely exhausting.

Three kids came kind of fast in our family. One day there's just Hailey as a baby who ate hardly anything and then BAM...all of a sudden my family eats an entire loaf of bread at a time. It was interesting to try to figure out who had a big enough car to fit us and all of our stuff - to take us to the airport.

Lots more pictures of our trip to come! It really was the best three weeks!!!

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Jen said...

Cute picture of your family! Ours didn't turn out quite so well. I think it had something to do with the photographer...

Can't wait to see more pictures of your adventures!