I am so excited!!

We have saved money for the last four years for this very day!! I have been anticipating this purchase for months. We have spent hours upon hours researching our options. We have had a few let downs in the process. We have squashed and squished for long enough! We finally had enough $$$$ for this smokin' hot MINI VAN!! Woo HOO!! I'm dancin' right now! It's a scary thing to buy a car! Here's a picture:


Prissy Wrist Watches

Okay...so I have finally gotten my watch bands done and I am ready to go. If any of you want one-let me know. They are $1o for the watch face and $15 for the bands. They are interchangeable so once you get a face you can change out the bands. To check out everything that I have for sale you can go to Little Miss Priss.


What a great birthday!

My birthday was SO great! I seriously have the best family and friends ever. My morning started off with John making me a delicious breakfast. After John brought Hailey to the bus stop he told me that I needed to get ready for the rest of my day. He had told Hailey that she was going to take me to get a pedicure and then out to lunch. We had so much fun together. I picked her up from school and we had a P A R-T A Y!! She thought that it was so fun to pick out her own nail polish out of the 100 choices! It was so relaxing. I had forgotten how much I love to get my nails done.

For lunch she wanted to take me to Chuck E Cheese's but I wasn't so excited about eating pizza for lunch. I was thinking more along the lines of a nice sit down meal that we could share a dish together and chat. Our nails took a little bit longer then I thought and I was worried about my hungry little guy at home so we opted for Chick-Fil-A....yummy food, quiet restful atmosphere, and quick! It was great! Thanks for taking me out for the morning Hailey!
When we got home John had all of my gifts sitting out and a beautiful Butterfly cake that he did ALL BY HIMSELF! He knows that I don't like store bought frosting and so he made a tasty Buttercream Frosting. I was so surprised. He had hid all of the things to make me this cake and it was so sweet. I love surprises!

For dinner, John had made arrangements with my Aunt Dixie (THANK YOU SO MUCH) who was sweet enough to offer her services to us. She came over and played with the girls while we took Talon with us to Friday's. The girls love her so it was perfect. We had a great time while traveling in the car to the restaurant (Talon was asleep and there was rush hour traffic so we had some quiet time with just the two of us). The rest of the evening wasn't as successful. Talon cried the entire time that we were at dinner and our food was NASTY! Our waiter was also the bus boy and the Host...and the place was packed. It was still nice to get away from the house and the normal evening routine. We sure did have lots of laughs!! We came home to happy little girls which makes the evening a success!
About a week later we were able to go out again (thanks Burtons!!) and the night went more smooth. It was our first time leaving Talon and WOW it was so nice to be just with John.
Thank you for all of the wonderful gifts, phone calls, and emails! It was a great birthday!!