We just love our little Isabella. She is a funny little girl. She loves to change her outfit 20 times a day and she hates putting her clothes back in their drawers....the floor is a much easier place to put them. She changes her shoes about 10 times before she huffs and settles on the first pair that she had on originally. She dislike socks...they don't feel comfortable. And underwear...oh they bug her. She usually goes through 3 pairs before she finds the right pair, that feel comfortable with the right pants. She only likes her hair a certain way...and cries and cries if it's sticking out funny. She doesn't care about matching...not one bit. Only comfort. She LOVED this scarf...and she was supposed to be wearing the cutest little jeans but threw a huge fit because they were too tight and she refused to wear them...so with no energy left...I handed her these striped purple leggings that I knew she loved. And her shoes for the picture...can I just say that I lucked out with the ones that she choose. I would have picked different ones but at least they weren't snow boots!! She is a squishy kind of lovin' girl. Sounds weird...let me explain. When she is feeling affectionate (which is almost always) she will squeeze my arm or my cheeks together. She puckers SO big and kisses SO hard. She hugs like she means to hurt you...but she really is just so full of love and doesn't know how to show it without attacking. Whenever she is creeping towards Lucy (Lucy and I both cringe) because it usually results in belly rubs or head taps that are just too hard for a little baby. And then she gets this innocent look in her face...like...oops, didn't mean to make her cry. She is a curious girl and gets excited when she learns something new. She was BEYOND excited today (she kept telling me how proud of herself she was) when she learned to zip up her own jacket. She eats a lot. More than all of the other kids. And she can never wait for the prayer before she starts to devour her food. NEVER. She eats almost anything but her favorites are Macaroni and Cheese, and corn. She asks for a can of corn for lunch sometimes. Cracks us up! She finally learned to take care of herself in the bathroom which makes me so happy! She is a messy girl...always doing something. She really, really, really doesn't like to help clean....but can put her clean laundry away and can gather her belongings from around the house without too much whining. Isabella is a sweet girl and we love her so much!
 Lucy at 6 months is a darling little thing. She knows her posse...and if you aren't one of them we'll all hear her crying. She LOVES John...no surprise since all of our babies have. She has started holding her hands up and out when she wants to be picked up or transferred to another person. Lucy hates baths. She really, really hates them. She reminds me of a dog who knows you are about to put them in the tub. She screams the entire time...makes me sad since that is usually a technique for relaxing babies. I have tried ALL kinds of baby food and baby cereals. She doesn't like them. She spits them out at me...not so fun! So most days, she nurses entirely. She still wakes up all night and is in our bed most of the night. She is starting to sit up more and more each day. She hates getting her clothes changed...cries the whole time. Those two shiny teeth are REALLY sharp. Darn those teeth. She bites me everyday. Oh man...when she gets her top ones then I will really be crying. I plan on nursing her for a while so hopefully she'll realize it hurts me and stop!!! She is our littlest baby so far. She is in the 50% for height and 50% for weight but is in the 25% for weight for her height. She only poops once every week and a half (sorry...if that's too much info but I'd like to remember that random fact!) She naps on the go still...and takes about 3 naps a day. She has a small little birth mark on her tushy. This baby is easy to love...she has not been an easy going baby...but is still so easy to love.
 The best word to describe Talon at 3 is STUBBORN. Seriously....so stubborn. His personality is complex and complicated and he gets bent out of shape really easily. His sisters know that the best way to keep peace in our house is to leave Talon alone. He has his sweet moments...of course...but the stubbornness definitely stands out. Getting him to eat healthy food is so challenging. His favorite food right now is yogurt...of all varieties.  Potty training him wasn't near as hard as I thought it was going to be. He loves to join us in our bed in the middle of the night...and if you don't sneakily put him back in his bed without waking him up...he'll be there all night. He is ALL boy with his collection of swords, and superhero capes, and helmets. He is always wearing one of his boy dress-ups. He found a pirate outfit in our dress-up box today and was beyond excited about it. He ran and hid it in his special drawer right away and he had to wear it for Family Night tonight (at Wendy's for a Frosty!) He loves to bug his sisters...and is always trying to sneak his finger in Lucy's mouth....not sure why but it drives me cRaZy! He gives great hugs and I love the way he talks...his voice is so squeaky and unique. He is always talkin' about something. He has been obsessed with John since birth and he still is. Those two are connected beyond explanation. They could live on an island together forever and be as happy as clams. I love it...makes me so happy. Everywhere we go people say that Talon looks just like John...but with blond hair (which I'm sure will darken as he gets older!) His new favorite toys are legos and he is getting pretty good at building things. Talon LOVES candy and treats more than any kid I know. If you want to make him REAL happy...just give him his dad and some treats and he is good to go!
Hailey is so fun!! I love this girl. She is funny and smart. I feel like she could do ANYTHING! She amazes me all the time. She has ideas and thoughts and she is kind. She loves her family so much. She still has a really hard time making decisions. She begs me to pick out her clothes...she asks before she does anything...and is the most obedient child that I have ever met (in fear of doing something wrong!) On Saturday when we were driving to her swimming practice she asked me if I would drink my Slimfast breakfast shake in the car instead of in the building because she was nervous about me getting in trouble. So I did. Silly girl. She wants to know how to do things...and she doesn't care if it is hard to do. She asked me to teach her how to braid hair tonight and she just kept trying over and over until she got it. She loves to cook, she hates to clean (but is actually good at it after she stops complaining). She collects stuff...random stuff. I am constantly making her throw the junk away. I love her smile...even though she will need braces and her teeth don't quite fit...I love it! She currently has her own bedroom, until Lucy actually sleeps in her own bed, and she has really enjoyed that. While John puts Isabella and Talon to bed, we let Hailey stay up a little longer and have some quiet time without all the little's running around. It's been a special time for her and I.

 This family picture is so funny to me. It's the only one that I am showing because I haven't decided which one I'm using for our Christmas card this year. I'm sure I'm not using this one though...Isabella has checked out. She is not budging a smile. Talon was getting beyond grumpy and would not let John put him down (which is super common around our house), Lucy is eating her necklace and trying to eat Hailey's flower.
 These pictures of John and I were so fun to me!! The kids were done so we buckled them in the car, gave them a snack and enjoyed a few quiet moments with the two of us and our photographer.

 I was nursing Lucy while this picture was being taken...sad she's not in it but LOVE it!!