Mommy Luncheon!

I am busy, busy getting ready for my Mommy Luncheon that is tomorrow. I am so excited! It has been just over a year since I have planned and carried out one of these events and I can't wait. I am hitting it hard with 3 parties in three weeks. I have Talons First Birthday next weekend and then a Primary Teacher Appreciation Party the week after that. It takes about a week of planning for each so I guess you know what I'll be doing! Look for pictures of the first party in the next few days!


Oh what do you do in the summertime??

You go to the beach!
We have not gone to the beach very much but we did have a lot of fun this day!! It's really hard for me to enjoy the sand and the heat with a baby and it's usually a little stressful . It is ALWAYS fun at some point during the adventure but it is also ALWAYS stressful at some point. Talon kept eating the sand. Isabella was terrified of the water...ohhh....Talon was too. Hailey loved it. I can see why having older kids and going to the beach would be a lot of fun. I tried to get Isabella and Talon to take a nap...not because I am an over scheduled mom (even if I am) but because they were SO tired. Talon slept for a few minutes and Izzie just never could get comfortable enough.

You do fun family activities!
We went to the Virginia Beach Aquarium and although we were very excited about going (especially Izzie) we were NOT impressed. If you are from around here and you are thinking about doing it...DON'T. Seriously. It's a huge waist of money. We had fun being together.

You stay in your pj's until 11am!
My girls have played lots together this summer. Izzie is finally not a baby anymore and I love it! They still have there moments...OFTEN...but when the stars line up and they find fun together and no one ends up crying it's the best! A rule at our house is that if you can't (or don't) want to play with your sister, you will not be playing with friends. It is a great motivator for Hailey to be sweet to Isabella and include her as much as possible. They were playing so sweet together on this chair.
You learn how to crawl!!
Talon is getting so big! He is 11 months old and is learning new things everyday. He learned to crawl in June and from then on out he has been so much happier. He has had a lot of ear infections and that has been painful for him and I!! The doc says that if he has one more this summer then he wants to put tubes in his ears and from what I hear...that makes them so much happier!

You learn how to ride a bike and swim!
Hailey has learned to ride her bike without training wheels and she ahs also learned how to swim! She is loving being able to play outside with friends all day long.
You get potty trained!
Isabella has potty trained herself. Her little friend Hope was going to the bathroom in the potty and Isabella told her that she gets a piece of candy when she is finished and next thing I knew, she had pulled off her diaper and was sitting on the potty. It's been since Monday and she has only had one accident (in the bathroom) as she was trying to turn on the light...she just couldn't hold it any longer. We are so proud of her! I am so excited to only have one bum to change and it saves us a ton of money on diapers and wipes! We were spending $100 a month!
Summer is the time to travel!
We drove to Ohio for the weekend. We basically spent 3 days in the car! Johns fathers family does a reunion every year at a cabin on a lake and we wanted to go atleast once before we moved out of the East (who knows if that will ever happen!) The kids loved the boat and enjoyed the water very much. I forgot my camera at the hotel so I have no pictures of the event! Hailey was able to drive one of the boats and she thought that was pretty cool!
We picked up John's brother Peter in Washington DC and he came with us to Ohio. It was so fun to have him with us.
We only stay at hotels with pools because of the kids (if at all possible). It usually makes our trip so much more fun for the kids!!! Talon decided that he likes to put his face under the water. I couldn't get a good picture of it but he just kept doing it over and over again and he laughed every time!
Hailey is sleeping in the closet at one of our hotels. She loved having her own little room!
Aren't summers always filled with picnics? We have about three picnics a week and invite as many of the neighborhood kids as we can. I love it because it's fun but it also keeps my house clean!