A Picture a Day *June*

Well, almost "A Picture a Day". I forgot a few days. So you know how some people have got it ALL together and they do the 365 picture project? You know...where they take a picture a day for an entire year. I have wanted to try that for awhile but I'm sure I'd fail...so I thought I'd try it for the summer and see how it goes. It's been fun!! Here is June in pictures (I am actually going to do individual posts for some of these "Happenings"...eventually!)

June 3rd 5:40 pm
(Got off to a late start!) While making dinner the kids needed some distraction. CRAFTS!!
June 4th 10:47 am
My sweet girls. Lucy won't fall asleep on my chest like that. I can think of two reasons why not...uncomfortable mounds and too close to food source. This is her FAVORITE position on Hailey.
June 5th 4:42 pm
She's good! Really. And she didn't get it from John or I!!!
June 6th 12:59 pm
The Zoo!!! Hailey was still in school so it was just the little three.
June 7th 8:37am
Hailey's last day of school!!! We were all so excited!
June 8th 4:24 pm
Our first summer play date with the Mason's. Sprinkler fun!!!
June 9th 11:47 am
The zoo...again. We have season passes so we may be there a lot this summer!
June 11th 10:43 am
John's dad was visiting us for the weekend and he brought the kids BYU shirts (Lucy included!)
June 12th 10:14 am
Lucy's Blessing Day...and my first day back as Primary chorister...and the day John drove 4 hours to take his dad to the airport and back...and the day we invited some special people to our church for the blessing. Phew.
June 13th 11:46am
Headed to the Grocery Store!! We *heart* Wegman's. Anyone want to teach me how to type an actual heart???
June 14th 7:09 pm
Oh Talon. And girls...Jammies and rainboots. Seriously? I was weeding...this is what happens when my children are not having my undivided attention for a few minutes.
June 15th 8:12 am
Oh what a frightful picture. Are those circles under my eyes. No they are circles that are taking up my entire face. I just HAD to share a picture of my nightly experience. Talon ends up in between John and I 95% of the time. And Lucy is in and out of our bed all night long. I can't even move. Well, I can but I'll wake somebody up. Oh dear.
June 16th 3:53 pm
My tired babies.
June 17th 1:08 pm
Sam's Club!! Woot woot! It's not Costco but it gets the job done. We go to Sam's about twice a week. Not sure why, since the idea is that you stock up and then are good for awhile but it seems like we are always needing something there!
June 18th 4:48 pm
Just a little picnic. Oh, and sprinklers.
June 19th 8:48 am
Father's Day. That cookie cake could kill someone. Two Giant cookies stacked on top of one another with a thick slab of uber sugary frosting in between. Wow.
June 20th 7:34 pm
A super fun birthday party for my friend Cathy who was turning 30. It was a surprise, mock funeral (hence all the black) because 30 is the new 40 you know. It was planned by her hubby. Lot's of fun!
June 21st 4:30 pm
Hailey turned 7 years old!!! She wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese for dinner and playtime.  Forty bucks, and three hours later...three happy children and two wiped out parents.
June 23rd 4:15 pm
Talon has been doing speech therapy for the past year. It has helped him catch up verbally since his tongue tie operation last Fall. This is his speech therapist, Jill. He loves her. Like-crushes on her.
June 24th 4:15 pm
Snuggling together.
June 25th 2:40 pm
I just LOVE her.
June 26th 4:24 pm
She sure does get a lot of snuggles.
June 27th 2:22 pm
We had early doctors appointments this day and not everyone had a chance to eat breakfast. We stopped by McDonald's before hitting up the Grand Opening of Hobby Lobby. This is a picture of Hailey who is SO ready to leave. She is just starting to grow out of the play area phase!
June 28th 5:14 pm
Is this even legal anymore...to put bathing kids pictures on a blog? Well, it's the only photo taken this day...so here it is.
June 29th 7:22 pm
We enjoyed an ice cream cone outside while John and Talon were on a "date". I had to teach my girls how to drink out of a hose...it was pretty funny watching them trying to not get wet.
June 30th 9:01 pm
I almost forgot to take a picture on my last day of June. I snapped a picture of Hailey as she getting into bed.