Our Camping Adventures 2012

Camping has become one of my most favorite Summer activities to do with our family. I loved camping with my family when I was younger and have the best memories. I hope that our children will be able to have great memories as well. We checked out the weather before leaving and it was supposed to be a little wet the first day but then beautiful the next 2. Sunny and in the 70's. It sounded too good to be true...which we would later find out.
Poor little girl was so tired from packing the car all morning. One bite of her lunch and she crashed. This is the first time that she was in a forward facing car seat and not in her baby carrier car seat. She thought it was so strange. She just kept looking around and up over her head. She likes it a lot. Especially her little treat and drink holders.
The girls were good sports. They are cramped in the back with no wiggle room. Still smiling though!
What's up babe?
Ya...not sure why I always make a silly face when I take my own picture. I guess I think it's better than trying to pose pretty.
The day we arrived it rained really hard. We were trying to set up and had to jump back in our car while the down pour came. After that passed it never really poured...just sprinkled a lot. It was really chilly though. Like 60 degrees. We were kinda prepared...but I wish that I had packed a few more pants and a few less shorts for the kids. And an extra pair of shoes. Their feet got pretty wet. Jandi and I spent a lot of time snuggled up by the fire. We spent about $50 on fire wood just to stay warm. The kids didn't really complain and our hubbies were just fine.

Hailey's favorite part about camping: S'mores.

The guys worked hard to build us a shelter. We didn't have any good trees to hang the tarp from, so they made poles from branches.
Here it is in all it's glory.We had no neighbors on any side of us. It was so nice!! We couldn't even see any other campers. The rest of the camp was tent to tent packed. I'm guessing that they didn't like being so far from the bathrooms? It was really nice and quiet.
My poor Jandi girl had her appendix taken out in an emergency surgery just one week ago. She is such a trooper and still came camping. I am so glad that she did. I could tell she wasn't feeling well but she just smiled on!
John busy at work making a bow for Talon.
And he made walking sticks for the girls. Isabella's favorite part: Going hunting.
 Talon and Lincoln just played...and played...and played...and played...and played. My boy was definitely in his happy place in the woods. His favorite part: Peeing in the woods.

Lucy playing in the dirt.
Digging for worms!
Oh ya...that's my baby playing in the ashes. NOT HOT ONES OF COURSE! She went through the most outfits out of everyone. She had such a great time and kept herself busy. She explored and loved the dirt and the bugs.
We had a creek that went right by our campsite and was on this beautiful hill into the forest. The kids played there for 3 days. They had the best time. Ethan caught about 20 craw fish with his bare hands. His nickname is Bear, I think it may need to be changed to Craw!
Hailey and Mason are on the search for a black lizard...which they eventually found!
Lucy got so tuckered out...here she is asleep on a camp chair. With a trash bag to keep her dry from the sprinkles.
Our tents...aren't they lovely. I want a bigger one. An 8 man tent is too small for our family of 6. We were cozy and warm though. See that lil' ole bathroom in the background? Ya....about that. When we were making our campsite reservations online we were thrilled that we had a bathroom close by. This campground  actually has real bathrooms with sinks and real flushing toilets. They even have  a few showers for those kind of people that shower when they camp (we aren't those people I guess!) Well, that bathroom in the near distance is not one of those fancy bathrooms. It's disgusting. A hole in the ground with 1,000 flies. So we had to hike to the bathrooms 10 times a day because my girls would not go in the woods. Well, I tried to teach them and it didn't go so well. That was not my favorite part.
We made donuts for breakfast one morning. They were really good.  Grands biscuits cut into fourths and deep fried in oil. Shake them in powdered sugar or cinnamon and sugar. Really easy and so fun. The kids really loved them.
Oh ya...donut girls.
Because the weather wasn't ideal, we missed out on a few of our plans...like canoeing and fishing in this pond that they stock with fish weekly. On our way home John brought Talon out to cast his line a few times. He needs no help...he knows just what to do!
Lucy loved these donuts. She still doesn't eat very much food...but she ate a lot while camping. I think she ate almost an entire hotdog. TRUST ME PEOPLE...that is a lot for this little lady. She really liked these donuts. Eat up girl!
Yum...finger lickin' good. We always eat SO good while camping. Jandi and I have so much fun planning the menu. My favorite meal was dutch oven potatoes, roasted kielbasa, and watermelon. Yum!!!
Hailey brought the little ones to the camp park. These two came back crying that they didn't feel well. Lincoln started throwing up. A lot. Isabella just kept crying and saying she wanted to go home. It turns out that Hailey was swinging herself and these two in the tire swing and apparently she over did it. I think Lincoln threw up like 6 times. Isabella was able to hold it down but seriously Hailey?!? Poor kids.
Mad about something.
I just adore this beautiful woman! She is amazing and I am so glad to have her in my life!