More of Lucy

Thank goodness for good friends who have amazing photography skills!! Otherwise I may not have any pictures of my kids! Thank you Britani for helping me with these awesome pictures!!! Lucy was 4 days old when these pictures were taken. She did NOT like to be naked...like all the way naked with her diaper off. She was okay as long as she atleast had her diaper on. Britani took a TON of pictures but Lucy was making it a little difficult to get some of the shots that we wanted. I love how these turned out though.

As a side note...I decided that I was not going to be eating sugar for the whole month of May. I then realized that my parents would still be here until today, and a huge part about having visitors is spoiling them with mounds and mounds of goodies so my plan was to start today. It's almost 4 o'clock and I haven't had a bit of sugar but I am DYING. Yes...if you need a reminder..I am a bit dramatic. But I have a sugar tooth and 20-30 extra lbs. to lose so I am wanting to succeed SO BADLY. But...this is hard. VERY HARD! I also have visitors coming at the end of May so as soon as they are here...I am off the hook again. Please keep your fingers crossed for me. "You can do this Katrina!!!"