The Size of a Peach

I am 13 1/2 weeks pregnant! Our baby is roughly the size of a peach. It feels more like the size of a cantaloupe...but whatever...they are the experts...right?! Speaking of peaches...I haven't been feeling too peachy. I have been anxiously awaiting this week (I usually feel better about now) but maybe week 14 will be my week. Our littlest addition is due on April 20th. I love April! I always wanted an April baby! For not planning this one, we sure did a good job at picking a date!


Post Overload

It's a German tradition that first graders get a cone on the first day of school. I got one when I was little and so did all of my brothers and cousins. It was really fun to fill this cone up with fun stickers and pencils, silly bands, and arts and crafts. She loved it!
 I was really nervous about how she was going to be about going to a new school where she had no friends but she did awesome! Her school is amazing...her teacher is awesome! Hailey has already learned so much and is really loving school.
 Came home as happy as can be.
 My little Isabella started preschool. She has such a different personality than Hailey has and her attitude about starting school is SO much different too. She absolutely C O U L D   N O T wait. Of course there were still tears from me but she had the biggest grin ever!
 Squeezes and hugs from Hailey!
 Talon didn't know what to do without his sister that first day. He's figured it out pretty quick though.
 Izzie and her sweet teacher!
 John was in a car accident. I am SO sick of dealing with all of the repercussions of this car accident. It really has put a damper on our first month here in Erie. First things first...nobody was hurt. Not even a bit...thank goodness. BUT it has still been very painful. We were told that it was "totaled" and that it could not be fixed...the parts were not available. After about two weeks of John and I sharing one car and waiting for the insurance company to decide whether or not we will receive any money, we finally decided to buy him a new car. Two days later he gets a call from the collision repair guy (the one who told us the car could not be fixed) and he said he could fix the car for $4,000. SAY WHAT????? Really annoying! We decided to go ahead and get the car fixed. A week later we received a letter from the insurance company that said they were not giving us any money. We are still fighting it...it was NOT John's fault. So for now, we bought a new car and got John's repaired so we have 3 cars! We are planning on selling the Corolla. I love that car, but John really likes his new car better.
 The girls started ballet and tap. I just realized that I don't have a picture of Hailey in her cute leotard.
 There are tennis courts right outside of the building that the girls dance so Talon and John play while the girls are taking turns in their dance classes.
 Talon turned 2! We had a quiet, perfect day. I love the big parties...that's SO fun to me! I just didn't have it in me this year! Maybe next year buddy!
Some things about my toddler:

* He LOVES his "MeMe" (Blankie)
* He is still obsessed with his daddy. If John is home, my arms are completely free because Talon will have nothing to do with me.
* He has decided that he doesn't like nursery anymore.
* He is a very picky eater. He likes his food plain and simple.
* He is all boy and is in love with every ball, car, and airplane.
* He is the last of the kids to go to sleep each night. For about an hour after the girls have been tucked in, he is up with John and I. It's because he is almost not needing a nap anymore and isn't quite ready for bed after being forced to nap by ME. Out of our three kids, he's showing signs the earliest that he is growing out of his naps.
* He loves to read books.
* He doesn't watch TV...he's not interested at all.
*He is such a sweet boy. He loves to snuggle and hug and kiss. I am SO in love with my lil' Man!

Happy Birthday Talon!
 Hailey's hair was getting so long and it was ridiculous to brush. I have thought about cutting it for a while and she really wanted it short so one night we decided just to do it. I thought it would be pretty easy to do....just a straight cut...um not so much! It looks good enough but it's far from perfect. JILL I MISS YOU and your MAD HAIR-CUTTING SKILLS!!! I cut Isabella's while I was at it. The next morning I decided that I might as well cut mine too. So I did. I need to find a hair stylist pronto before this happens again!
Half way there...
 We love it! She looks so adorable! And the best part is that it is so easy!
 Talon was born tongue-tied. When he was 6 weeks old, a friend mentioned this to me and I immediately brought it up to the pediatrician. He shrugged it off without even looking at it. NICE. So here were are and he's two, totally behind in his speech because of it and I am BUGGED. The good news is that he had the surgery last week and he is all set up for speech therapy and of course...everything is going to be okay. It just would have been nice to have had it taken care of 2 years ago!
The surgery was on Friday and it's been really fun to watch him try to learn how to use his new tongue. He couldn't even lick his lips and now we have to teach him how to lick an ice cream cone. He keeps biting his tongue, I'm assuming because it's out of place to him now. He will also get food stuck under there and not know what to do about it. He was such a trooper! They gave him this medicine to drink that made him really loopy so that he wouldn't cry when they took him from me. It was REALLY funny to watch him...and as they rolled his bed away from me he didn't have a care in the world. He held on to the anesthesiologists hand like it was his daddies! After about 30 minutes they had me come back to the recovery room, and he was NOT happy. I wish they had some more of the loopy medicine to give him :).  He was kicking and pulling my hair (SO not like Talon) and I was having a hard time even holding him. He does not wake up well from anesthesia!  He came screaming...."Out, Out"! When they finally let us go I buckled him in his car seat and he stopped screaming, ate his Popsicle, and was fine for the rest of the afternoon! He just wanted to get out of that hospital! We have speech therapy set up for him and hopefully he'll get right on track really quick!
 This is how we spent conference.
John thought it would be fun to find EVERY stuffed animal that we have in our house and bring them into the family room to watch conference with us. We are so lucky to have BYUtv this year which made conference SO much easier to listen too. The kids had the hardest time being reverent. I understand...they are little...but it was REALLY frustrating to me! It has been raining here in Erie for about 2 weeks. I am SO tired of the rain I cannot even express it strong enough. There are Erie residents who love it and don't mind it one bit...that irritates me even more! After two days of being stuck in the house, John decided he was taking the kids on a walk. In the rain. We only have two umbrellas and of course our little princesses claimed them as theirs so the boys just walked in the rain! Please sunshine....come out to play!