Our Summer so far!

The last day of school...wow...it seems like so long ago already. Hailey was VERY sad to say goodbye to her teacher. It took her a few days to recover. She was a very special and unique teacher. I told Hailey she most likely will not have another one quite like her. She was very fun and LOVED the kids so much.  Hailey went through withdrawals for days.
Last day walking to the bus stop. It's hard to believe that in a month Hailey will be in 3rd grade and Isabella will be in Kindergarten.
Strawberry picking with our nest neighbors ever!!
Tasting them was the best part!
Lucy even wanted in on the action!
We ended up with a ton of berries...big, beautiful ones and made some delicious jam!! We actually went blueberry picking today (I forgot to take any pictures!!) but it was fun and we are excited about making some delicious Lemon Blueberry muffins!
For Hailey's birthday, John took her to a Father and Daughter dinner, hosted at Chick-fil-a. We kind of love that place!!! They sent her home with a dozen hot chocolate chip cookies for free because it was her birthday! Anytime she can get dressed up and fancy she gets very excited.
For her 8th Birthday Party she wanted to have a polka dot theme. It was really fun and easy to do.
She doesn't like cake....just like her momma. She requested red velvet cake pots instead!
What's a party without the ding-dongs!

Her party was a huge success. They had dippin' dots icecream with their dessert and they made polka dot bracelets. They decorated sugar cookies and Hailey and I choreographed a dance to "Call Me Maybe" and taught it to the girls. It was really fun!!
For Father's Day I made John one of his favorite dinners. Five-Cheese Macaroni and Cheese. It's kinda amazing!!!
Love their faces.

We made it to the beach...aka Lake Erie. This is a BIG job with 4 kids and no husband. Jandi and I combined so we had 8 kids and no husbands. Atleast there was two of us! We stayed for hours and the kids had a blast.
Oh ya...nursing the baby shot.

Getting a brief nap in!!
Ummm....ya....like the hats?
So nice to be with good friends.

I have so much more to share and will try to catch up so soon.