Hailey turns 6...and some other good stuff too!

The last week has been filled with boxes, tape, and bubblewrap! I am so tired of packing. The good news is that we are basically finished. I have already had to say goodbye to many people and it breaks my heart to think about saying goodbye to everyone really soon. I think that it's even harder for me because I grew up here in this city and I'm not sure if we will ever live here again (and who knows when we'll make it back this direction now that my family is out West). We've had a lot of "Lasts" this week. Oh so sad.

I was asked to speak at Stake Conference last week which was fun!! I was stressed out until my talk was written, then it was fun! Yesterday morning I received a call from one of our Stake Presidency Leaders and he asked if I would give the talk again, in two hours, to the Young Single Adult ward. The topic was, "Not being afraid to get married," so it was really geared towards the singles in our Stake. I was glad to have the chance to give it to them, but still nervous!

There have been so many memories made with so many people. We have seen a few groups come and go in the time that we have lived here and I am so thankful to them and for their friendships.

These are some of the wonderful women who I have been lucky enough to have grown close to while here in Virginia. Jill had this going away party for me and I had a great time. Saying goodbye to these women is going to be very hard. I have already had to say goodbye to a few of them. It's hard to explain the feelings that come when saying goodbye to someone and not knowing when or if you will ever see them again.

For all you big jewelry lovers out there...isn't this necklace gorgeous!! I LOVE IT! Jill's aunt makes these awesome accessories and she got this one for me as a going away gift. So sweet! You can order straight from her blog here.

And here is my big 6 year old! We had a pool party for her and it was just perfect. I was looking for something a little bit easier since we are in the middle of moving and this was SO EASY! We invited 5 little girls (and their families) and ate lunch, swam, had treats, opened gift, and had minimal cleanup! It was fun to have her party on her actual birthday!

After the pool and Talon's nap we let Hailey pick which restaurant she wanted to go to for dinner. She wanted something fancy and we suggested Red Robin (well it's fancier than Chic-Fil-A or Costco's Food Court!)

We had them each pick something off of the kids meal and when the waitress brought out their drinks in plastic cups with a lid, Hailey politely said, "I don't need a baby cup." As I am trying to explain to her that the little cups come with the little meals, our sweet waitress swept the baby cup away and returned with a big, 6 year old glass!

We then headed to the park for some playtime before it was bedtime. Here's my favorite things about Hailey at 6 years old:

*She loves cereal...for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!
*She is still super duper tall...she is taller than many 3rd graders...and she is BeAuTifUL!
*She makes friends easy. It seems like she is always playing with someone.
*She enjoys making jewelry, just like her mom.
*She is always pulling things out of the recycling bin...her idea of recycling is that WE reuse it! She is always making some sort of project or craft with the junk :)!
* She is such a great helper. She can clean up an entire room in 10 minutes! Sometimes it takes some coaxing but once she gets going she's good!

Jill and her family left for Arizona last night! It was sad to say goodbye. I'm not sure when our paths will cross again but she is an amazing girl and I am so thankful to have had a chance to get to know her this year. She could do anything...and she does just about everything. I am grateful for all of the memories that I have with her and will always cherish them!

Today I was lucky enough to go to the hospital to visit an old friend, Dana, who gave birth to twins! They are handsome! I don't know how you keep track of two babies at once...I just kept looking around making sure that I wasn't going to bump into the other baby while holding one.
Hailey told me that she wants a sister...no a brother...no maybe a sister. Hmmm...sounds like she's not quiet sure yet! Either are we so it sounds like we are all on the same page! She also asked if she could take this sweet little newborn home with her. Nice!

We are going to Utah for 2 weeks and have so many fun things to look forward to! We are going to Bear Lake and staying at a beautiful cabin with all of John's siblings and their children (he has 9 siblings so that is A LOT of people). My family is all gathering for a family reunion at my parents house the next week. We have lots of friends to catch up with and lots of shopping and outdoorsy things on our agenda! Can't wait!! Then it's off to Erie, Pennsylvania!!


Chablis said...

Oh yeah...that necklace rocks my world!! It has your name written all over it!!!

Cute Hailey, she is so pretty and grown up. :)

I can not wait until I see you soon! yipee!

Dixie said...

Love the post. You will need to add that necklace to things to make for Miss Priss. It is beautiful and so are you. Enjoy your visit with the family.