I actually did it, and now I'm sad!

As badly as you want to know what it is that I actually did...it's at the end of this super duper long post...so you'll have to hold back your anticipation for just a few more minutes!!

Okay, so let's just say that I am officially a slacker blogger. Let's go back to May...This photo is a picture of all the drugs that my doctor prescribed me when I was feeling super sick! Really....5 different meds? They did make me feel better which is what I asked for! I had been sick for over a week when I finally dragged my feet to the doctor! I'm pretty sure that I got my friend sick who was 32 weeks pregnant with twins and she had the hardest time because every sneeze was excruciating. I am so sorry Dana!
Now in June...far too recently...John hurt not one...but BOTH of his legs playing basketball. He couldn't walk for three days. Man was that fun for all of us! I wish you could hear the sarcasm in my voice. This is how Talon got in his playtime with Daddy.
Then Talon got sick...nothing too bad but he had a fever for two days and was GgGggGRrRrrrRRUuuUUMmMMmMPpPpPYYYyY! This picture was taken at 8am, just 30 minutes after he woke up for the day! Hailey got it a few days later which resulted in an early morning (5:30) call to 911 and a firetruck (with 3 firemen), an ambulance (with 3 EMT's), and a police officer all standing in our family room with a perfect little girl smiling up at them! She had a breathing attack and scared the crap out of John and I! Hailey kept freaking out because she couldn't breath and after 30 minutes of trying to help her (with her inhaler) we finally just called. As I am totally crying on the phone with the dispatcher she finally got her breath back and I tried to call off the entire RESCUE SQUAD! Too late...I heard the sirens...they were on their way! It was all way too exciting for us. We all went back to bed for a few hours. It turns out it was a bad case of croup! Hmmm...not even asthma. That must be why her inhaler wasn't helping! A dose of steroids and she's been fine!
John has been super excited about the Father-Son Camp out and couldn't wait to have a son old enough to go with. Is 1 years old...old enough? That's questionable! They had a lot of fun on Friday, well atleast while the sun was still shining.
Talon is carving a stick..with pliers! Hmmm...not a true boy scout yet if he can't tell the difference between a knife and a pair of pliers but John said he was having a great time!
This is when it was just not fun anymore! They slept in the back of our van which actually looked quiet cozy...we have  mattress that fits PERFECT back there (too bad for seat belt safety or we'd always travel like that!) The problem was that it was HOT and the bugs were horrible so he couldn't open a window for fresh air or they'd be eaten alive. The report I got was that Talon didn't fall asleep until 3 am and was up at 6am. He just fussed and cried the whole time. John said it was about as bad as a night could get! He also claims that they would have come home in the middle of the night but they had been blocked in by other campers.
The five of us had an amazing day at the Washington DC temple. I know...that's a bad picture...hmm.
Well, anyways John stayed home with the kids so that I could be at the temple for a special family in our ward who were all sealed together and also for a good friend who received her endowments. It was so awesome. I'm not sure if I've ever been in the temple as long as I was that day but we had a grand ole time!
Group shot...just a few of us who made it that day!
Hailey learned how to do the monkey bars. She was so excited about her new skill!
We took a trip to the Norfolk Zoo and had a great time!
The cute little girl on the end is Lorelie. My sweet friend Caroline watches her and she was a joy to have with us!
See those lions behind Hailey? They seemed SO close. They were definitely our favorite part!
Nothin'  like taking a ride on a golden turtle!
Caroline has been such an amazing friend and I am so glad to have had her in my life! She has taught me valuable lessons and is so generous and loving! It'll be hard to say goodbye!
You can't tell so good in this shot but Izzie is doing Talons hair with her play salon toys. And he is LOVIN' it. He gets in line when I tell the girls that it's time to do their hair each morning. Seriously...he's trying to butt in line to get his hair done first. He is so funny!

And here it is....what I actually did that has broken my heart. First of all...you know I am totally dramatic right?!?!  Well, if you didn't know that...you will now.

I actually sold my plants....all of them except my herbs...all 12 pots! I held back tears. My heart was beating a million times a minute. I wanted to scream. These pots and these plants have been a huge part of my life here in Virginia Beach. Selling them not only represented the time that I have had here and the stories of how and where I collected each one but it was also that I am actually moving. It's really happening.

t gets worse. WAY worse! I was going to try to bring all of my plants with me. I knew it was a stretch but I tried to think of every scenario of how to get these beautiful plants to our new home (I had already placed them all on our new deck! ahem....in my mind!) It just wasn't going to work but I thought for SURE that I was going to be moving with these.....

Yes, I know this is a rodent...there are two...sniff sniff...there WAS two. Rosie and Rutabaga were our sweet baby hamsters who we had taken care of since they were newborns. They were most certainly a part of our family. We are traveling to Utah for 20 days before our move and between finding someone to take care of them while we were gone and then having to move them with us, I knew that finding them a new home would take a lot of stress off of me. No holdin' back tears this time. Yes, I totally cried as I waited for their new family to come and pick them up. Sigh....still sad. It's for sure now. We are definitely movin'


Chablis said...

Wow, there is so much here, I don't know what to comment on!!

1. Holy Cow!! John hurt both legs!?! How is that even possible?

2. Talon looks HUGE! He's got no "baby" in him any more. It kinda makes me sad that I never knew him as a baby.

3. The ZOO! What great memories. :) And it's fun to see Lorelei all grown up too.

4. I'm so sorry about your plants! They look so beautiful. Just think of all the space and yardage you'll be able to put your green thumb to work in.

5. I'm sorry I can't say much about the gerbils...or whatever they are. Though I understand, giving Penny away was one of the hardest goodbyes I've ever said.

I CAN. NOT. WAIT. until I get to see you...my heart is racing!

Brady, Brook, Ellie, & Cooper said...

Looks like you are having a rough start to summer. Are you guys going to head down to St. George will in Utah, we would love to have ya!!

Susan said...

The plants looked awesome....so smart to take pictures !! I know exactly how you are feeling. Even the hamster looks so cute. See you soon...Love you...your Momma !!!

The Tyler's said...

I'm laughing at the pic of John and Talon just sitting on the edge of the couch.
Your flowers really were so fun. It will be sad to walk by and see an empty porch!
The hamsters...I'm not so sad to see them go..;)

Danica said...

Those plants are gorgeous! Wish I did half that well with the plants I've taken care of. It's always hard to have such great change in life. Good luck!

Dixie said...

The flowers are gorgeous. I am still enjoying my plants/pots from Susan and think of her each day as I water the flowers. I have them on Michelle's porch at the present but I was determined to keep the pots. I can only imagine how you feel. I am excited for you new adventure.

Leah said...

love this post with all it's updates...maybe this is what I need to do with mine..some short and sweet explanations of our lives the last 3 months :) we are so excited to see you guys in just a few short weeks!!!