Cascade Springs

I have never heard of this beautiful place before! I couldn't believe it. It is located in the Alpine Loop past Sundance. It is so pretty! There are these springs that come out from the ground and they have been preserved by not letting people play in them. Before we started the hike there were signs everywhere that said no picnicking and no playing in the water and I thought...that's silly. This isn't going to be much fun. After just a few minutes I really appreciated those rules because we were able to enjoy the natural beauty of the Springs.

Here's a group shot before the hike (although it's not really a hike..it's super short and stroller friendly!)
Hailey and her cousin Evelyn!
Because the Springs have been so well preserved you get to see wildlife at it's greatest! The water is so clear and you can see all of the beautiful fish. We were even lucky enough to see this baby moose and her mom (to the left). It was awesome...and a little scary. The mom was four times the size of this baby! They were drinking and eating moss from the water.

What a great way to start our trip. I already miss these mountains so much. They are amazing to me. My heart belongs in Utah!!


Chablis said...

It's really beautiful there! My last memory of that place is Gracie throwing up all over our car on the winding road. Sick, sick, sick. :)

Yuck, 3 kids on an airplane is so exhausting. Stickers on the nose looks like a good solution though.

Miss you already!

Dixie said...

I LOVE the new family photo. You guys all look fabulous!! Good luck with the move. Can't wait for the next adventure update.

Susan said...

Miss you all tons !!! Love you !!!