Happy Birthday Isabella

We were blessed with our sweet Isabella 3 years ago and she changed our lives! What a special little girl she is to us. From the beginning she was easygoing and smiley. She was such an easy baby that the transition from 1 child to 2 was an easy one. She just made everything better than it was before. 
I love how John's dad described her in his words. He said, "Isabella has a twinkle in her eye," and that is exactly how we feel. She is kind and thoughtful. She is still so easygoing and cooperative. A few facts about her: 

She is still madly in love with her binky and burpclothes. WOW what a fight! This is the only time that you really get to see her upset. I told her today that since she is 3 she is too big for binkies and that they are for babies. She told me that they are not for babies, they are for HER! We will work it out...eventually. 

She has been completely potty trained for about 9 months. Never an accident! It amazes me! 

She speaks like a person...right, she is a person...but she communicates just like you and I would. 

Her hair is SO curly...and still SO short. 

She is tall. She has long feet. Do you see where I am going with this? Tall like her momma...tall like her sista!

She loves babies, and a Zhu-Zhu pet she got for her birthday. 

She still takes naps (and loves them) she will nap for 2 hours. Many mornings she is asking to nap by 10am. Silly girl! She was an awful night sleeper and has turned into an angel sleeper. Just for the record, Talon sleeps all night too so I am one happy GIRL!

She is so glad to be in our family. She tells me this all the time. She loves her brother and sister so much. She is always rubbing my cheek or kissing me and telling me that I am her sweetheart. She loves her daddy and they have a special bond that I hope will last a lifetime.

I have been very excited about her 3rd birthday. She is old enough to appreciate the work put into a fun party!! Her two year birthday was a family one and I was ready to spoil her...in the cheapest way possible atleast! I have found that you can still do fun things on a small budget...it usually just takes more time and planning because you have to make everything yourself. She is worth every second.
We had 18 little girls which made it even more fun!

Izzie has been talking about having a butterfly Birthday party ever since she was a butterfly for Halloween. There are a lot of pictures. Bare with me.

The girls drank nectar from flowers!! Hmmm...I thought it was clever. The cheese is cut into butterflies and the crackers are flowers and butterflies. I am filling you in on some of the mundane details.
We had bug graham cookies too!

Fruit pizza!! Butterfly style. The green body and antennae is kiwi. The wings are mandarin oranges.

Pin the body on the butterfly.

I have not decorated cakes before. This is very amateur but it was still fun to make.

Each goody bag had a hand painted butterfly which I added a magnet to the back. Check out the butterfly antennea...the girls were asked to wear their wings!

These butterflies were flying around the room (attached to the strings of helium filled balloons).

Isabella is LOVING all of the attention.

Decorating Butterflies!
The best part about this party was that my mom and dad were able to be there. My dad's 60th birthday was this same weekend and I thought it would be fun to make this a little special for him too. My sister-in-law worked really hard on a special album from all of his children and it was given to him at the party. They were SO HELPFUL! I couldn't have pulled it off without their help! 

I have a lot of blog catching up to do...how late is too late to blog about Christmas?? We also had great visitors...Johns mom, dad, and youngest sister were here and them my mom and dad were here! Hopefully I'll get to these soon.


Chablis said...

Oh my gosh Katrina!! That looks amazing! It makes me sick that I don't know her any more. She has changed so much.
How neat for your parents to be there visiting!

Love you!

Jen said...

What a fabulous party! Levi is looking at these pictures with me and is so excited to see your cute family! Isabella is one lucky girl!!

The Tyler's said...

Was her Birthday yesterday?? I thought is was today! Sad. I need to come give her a big Birthday hug!
The party was amazing..but what else would it be?

Jones said...

what a fun party! your cake looked amazing, you're no amateur!

and about Christmas, it's never too late!!!

Jones said...

oh and you motivate me to be more creative and crafty!!!

Heather said...

What a darling party! You need to be a pary planner! I'd hire you! You have such good ideas. I need to make my kids' parties awesome like that!!!

Ashcraft Adventures said...

It all looks amazing Katrina! I coouldnt believe when you said that she turned 3!!!! Everytime I check out your Etsy site I see the baby pictures of her and it blows my mind that its been 3 years. I get emotional when I realize how quick the kids are growing up. Kaylee's birthday is in April...how bout I think of a theme and you do all the decorations and ideas:) You really have such amazing talent for it!!
(oh and I just posted my christmas stuff yesterday...so its never too late!)
I hope to talk to you soon!

Anna said...

It's true Katrina, you are an amazingly talented party thrower--I can't believe you not only thought of everything but made everything yourself. It looks like it was a blast!

Happy Birthday to sweet Izzy.

Emily said...

Cute butterfly idea! Happy birthday Izzie!

Jamie said...

that was the cutest party i've ever seen! you are so good! the girls all had a blast!!! :)