It's been a wonderful month!

I love February. This month just makes me smile. Could it have anything to do with Valentine's Day? Or maybe it's my birthday. I think it is a combination of the two holidays actually!! I think it is also all of the valentine's cookies and other parties that come with February! I love pink and red too...that makes it even more fun! Here are some pictures to document my favorite things about February!
It snowed a ton lately! We had three snow storms in 3 weeks! That is A LOT for Virginia Beach. We enjoyed it but we are ready for Spring now!

February 5th
Jill hosted a Valentine's Bunko and it was so fun! She is so great at so many things! She made us dinner and dessert. There were 12 girls there...we should have taken a group shot!
February 8th
 Of course we celebrated Izzie's birthday which was so fun! Here she is eating our traditional  birthday oatmeal with icecream! For good measure...there is a cupcake to make sure she had enough sugar! Smart girl...she chose not to eat the cupcake!
February 12th
 I loved Hailey's Valentine's day hair!
February 13th
 We recently got a new bishopric. They are fantastic! It just so happened that the the entire Primary Presidency's (Me, Caroline, Jill, and Heather) husbands were put into the new bishopric. So here is the Bishopric, and the Primary Presidency enjoying a fabulous Valentine's Dinner made and orchastrated by the Burtons! It was so much fun. Their two youngest daughters were our babysitters and the older children were our servers. Dinner and dessert were amazing. They had the room decorated so pretty. It was a great evening.
February 14th
 Pink heart pancakes. Lovely!
 February 17th
Another fabulous birthday. It was glorious. I slept in. John made me crepes that were lathered in Nutella and fresh bananas sprinkled with powdered sugar. I read in bed until 9:30! After getting everyone ready for the day and Hailey off to school, Jill took care of the little two so that John and I could enjoy a few hours out on the town. THANKS JILL! We went to Panera Bread (it gets yummier every time that I go!) and then went shoe shopping for me. It was perfect! I was a little sad that my friends had not really planned on doing anything for my birthday...I know that is lame...but it is honest. They had mentioned lunch here and there but nothing was ever finalized. Just as I decided to get over it...
 February 17th-evening 
(look close...Jill colored my hair...I love it! I went really dark!)
They surprised me with a great gathering at Chile's! It was so fun to have all of these wonderful friends of mine (and many of their husbands too which is complicated while in school) come to spend the evening with me. They had all gotten babysitters for me. It was so wonderful. I couldn't stop smiling. AND THEY SPOILED ME! I also received so many emails, letters, texts, packages and calls from so many important people. Thanks for thinking about me. You helped make my day so special!!!
Thank you John for SPOILING me! You are always so good at the birthday thing. You always amaze me with the things that you come up with. Thank you for the thoughtful gifts. I love you!
Here are some of the birthday dinner guests!
 The Fawsons!!
 The Tylers
 Lynette, Tabby, and Heather (they do have husbands but they couldn't make it!)
Caroline was there too...she is not pictured but she is beautiful!
 The Rothmans

February 19th
I don't have a picture of the actual craziness of the day but this is what it looked and sounded like....


I think John was in SHOCK! He finally started screaming today!

John matched.....
he matched with an internship site.....this has been a rough process for our little family but we made it.....he did it......YEAHH!HH!!HHH!!

By noon, I was exhausted. I had a soar throat and wanted to sleep. I cheered and screamed all morning long.  We will find out on Monday whether we will be moving to Pennsylvania or Idaho! We can't wait to find out!!!

Again, I feel like thanks need to be given. You all know who you are.  

T H A N K   Y O U

We cannot explain to you the feelings that we get when we think about all of your prayers, and fasting, and tears. We didn't feel alone in the process because of you. We truly have the greatest family and friends all across the country! 


Jamie said...

so happy for your family! you will be sooooo missed around here!!!!

Ashcraft Adventures said...

Wow February IS an exciting month for your family! Oh man...I know you dont care where you end up going but it would be sooo great to finally have you guys out west! Congratulations again!!!

Chablis said...

It has been a good month for you!! You deserve it. I wish I could have been there for your birthday. You look so gorgeous!!
I'm so glad John got an internship and I'm so excited for you to move into the next step of your life!

Stephanie said...

Hooray, Hooray, Hooray! Well, I'd say Idaho has my vote, but I'll admit, having lived both places, PA has the better schools - either way, it's what you make of it. But, if you go to ID, you can borrow my parents whenever you want - I give you permission :)

Stephanie said...

Oh, and ID would give me another excuse to get out there, "But Andy, we can visit Katrina, too!"

Emily said...

Congrats! We were just wondering today if John had matched. That is fabulous! What a great month for you guys!

The Tyler's said...

It really has been an amazing month for u guys...and I'm glad I got to be a part of it!!