Our Lil' Trip to Georgia

John helped me pack the car up the night before our trip so that we would be all ready to go at 4am. Because we left so early, we got there by 2 in the afternoon. That was with 2 hours of breaks. That didn't seem so bad to cross three states!
It was so great to finally get there and to see all of our families sweet faces. There home is beautiful and I loved their city. We got straight to having fun!!!

So I hope that little Sophie's mom doesn't kill me for putting these compromising pictures on my blog but I can't help but crack up when I look at them. I am already laughing...check out these girls faces and neck regions....They are HILARIOUS! They were having so much fun jumping around together.

Still more fun to be had!

John and James mom made these dresses...and they are beautiful. It was so fun to have all of the girls wear them to church on Sunday!

I just love my sister-in-law! From the moment that I got engaged to John she has been so welcoming and loving and fun!! I talk to her on the phone constantly and she is such a great person to get ideas from, or to just laugh with! Visiting her was so special. She spent SO much time in the kitchen preparing some of the YUMMIEST dishes and desserts ever. Jen is incredibly thoughtful and just wanted us to have a good time...and we had a great time! Some of my favorite things about visiting Jen and James:
1. I took my first trip to World Market. It wasn't exactly what I was imagining but I did enjoy it a lot!
2. I took my first trip to IKEA. Although my decorating style is not really modern, I LOVED IT! I didn't love the furniture as much as I loved all of the little doo dads that you can use to spruce up your house. And the organizational items are always a favorite with me. We spent a really long time there and I am so glad that we did. We ate lunch at the little cafeteria there while the kids watched a movie that was provided. That's my kind of day!
3. Jen had a Little Miss Priss party for me! Thanks Jen! That day was filled with baking, cleaning, and preparing the product! What a fun party it was though. It was so great to meet all of her friends. One of those wonderful friends happened to be one of my BYU roommates which was SO fun to catch up with her. On Sunday I ran into another roomate of mine from BYU Idaho...what are the chances?
4. Eating dinner on their covered porch. It was perfect.
5. Our kids played fabulously together! I wasn't so sure how that was going to go but I was so surprised when they hardly argued!
6. Icecream Pie, Nanimo Bars, Lemon Bars, Chocolate Lava Muffins!
7. My kids always miss their daddy so much when we are away from him. That part...I do NOT love. But what was great was that Johns brother James played the daddy dummie. Seriously...my two youngest must have been so delirious because they thought that James was John. Atleast...they accepted his as daddy while theirs was not available. Talon did not want anyone but me...or James. Isabella would ask when daddy was coming home all day long. As soon as James walked in the door she was all over him! So do they smell the same? So they breath the same? Do they talk the same? Do they look the same? I don't think they do...Thanks James!
8. Johns littlest sister was visiting Jen and James at the same time as us and she was a huge help with the kids. Thanks Hannah!


Jen said...

You are too sweet--I feel the same way about you.

And I love all of the pictures! Send them my way soon!

Lehikoinens said...

That looks like it was a lot of fun. You give me so much hope... the fact that you took a trip without John with THREE little kids, and still had a blast, makes me feel SO MUCH better about this #3! I can now say... HA... see it CAN be done!! I'm glad you guys had fun! Wanna take a drive to Cali? I'll bake for you...

Chablis said...

oh- so cute! It looks like so much fun! You are so lucky to have a SIL relationship like that. I'm glad you had a great time- a much needed break!