We LOVE Visitors!!!

It was so fun to have a quick visit from my sweet friend Chrissy and her ADORABLE family! They were passing through and we were so glad that they could stay the night and the kids could play. She has 4 children and they are so great! Isabella will randomly ask if she can play with Khloe (and she always mentions the stroller that they both wanted!!!) Too Funny! I was sad that we couldn't spend more time with them but look forward to the time when we can.

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Ashcraft Adventures said...

Ohhhh Girl- I love how you posted that beautiful 'morning' picture of us:) Im so glad we got to stay and spend time with you and your beautiful family!

Hopefully we wont wait another 5 years to see each other again:) I showed my kids the picture of them in the wagon and they got all excited and missed your kids. So tell them they said hi! Next time come see us in lovely Vernal:)