Love Day!

I really like Holidays. I think that they bring families closer together. They build relationships and memories. We usually celebrate most holidays for a few days. Valentine's Day was no exception.
I tried to do Hailey's hair in a heart a few times this week and I kept forgetting to take pictures of them. I came up with this one on my own and I think that it turned out cute.

It was so fun to go to Hailey's Preschool and volunteer for their Friendship Day! All five of us were there and we had a blast. Hailey received so many sweet Valentine's from her friends. I was amazed to find that while Hailey was passing out her Valentine's, she could read all of the names on the cards. All by herself. I didn't know she could do that. Everybody LOVED Isabella . In this picture they are all in awe by her! She was coloring...WOW!

We had the yummiest Mac and Cheese on Friday night...not your normal Mac and Cheese. This is a five cheese championship winner for T.G.I. Fridays. It is a little time consuming and a little pricey but for the right occasion it is worth it. It's almost always worth it to me if it tastes good! John has loved every savory bite and was so sad when the last of the leftovers was gone.

On Saturday the kids woke us up bright and early and we made red, heart pancakes. The girls thought this was so fun! John had cards for each of us that were so sweet. After opening up a few gifts John sent me (and Talon) back to bed for a few hours to nap (my nights have been insane-I have only been getting about 30 minutes of consecutive sleep). By the time that I woke up it was time for everyone to get dressed. While John took the kids to the park I got dressed and got the house all cleaned up. The rest of the afternoon was spent playing games and getting ready for dinner. Growing up, my mom would decorate the dinner table for Valentine's Day and she tried to have a little gift for us. I want to carry on with this tradition so we went for the pink, red, and white place settings. Dinner was eventful...like usual. As John was pouring the kids their Sparkling Grape juice, I suggested that Hailey and Isabella get the White Grape juice and not the Red Grape Juice. John thought that Hailey could handle the red stuff and about two minutes after he gave it to her, it spilled all over the table cloth and all over ME! My favorite skirt was COVERED in RED GRAPE JUICE! John and I hadn't even started eating yet and the next few minutes were spent trying to get the stain out of my skirt (we were successful...I told Hailey she was really lucky :)! The rest of the night was fabulous!

On Sunday morning John got up really early and intercepted the kids before they could come and wake me up. Heaven! I actually slept in until 7:30! John had to get ready for Bishopric Meeting so 7:30 was the max. That is really great! REALLY! Isabella has a double ear infection and so she needed to stay home from church. It's flu week and with her body taking antibiotics we don't want her to be around any other sickos! John came home to be with her and he folded all of the laundry which was a great surprise for me to come home to!


Heidi said...

Oh Katrina....I love every detail!! Your girls are getting so big and your sweet John is a Prince!! The Mac 'N Cheese sounds insane, I can't wait to talk to you about it!!! Love you!!

Colleen said...

What a great Valentine's day! That mac and cheese sounds so yummy! And Hailey's hair is so cute! You are such a great gril mommy!

Stephanie said...

You are too much! Yeah, you're a UT girl :)

Heather said...

What a great tradition. I definitely want to do the festive dinner next year!

Jones said...

I just copied that picture of Hailey's hair...I hope you don't mind me stealing your creative hair do!! I'm always trying to do maddy's hair in cute ways like that. very well done!!

I just loved all your cute detail to celebrate the holiday...you inspire me to be more creative. I just got some cloth napkins and two tablecloths so I can fancy up the dinner table!


...oh and I'm glad John was sweet enough to help you get more sleep!

Chablis said...

Your family definately had a better Valentines Day than mine. It all looks so beautiful! I love the rice "snowballs". So cute!!I'm glad John spoiled you a bit, you deserve it. I think I need that mac n' cheese recipe :)

Janell said...

Sounds like a great day! I loved Hailey's hair!

Janell said...

Sounds like a great day! I loved Hailey's hair!