Ten Things I Love About Utah

It's true. I am a Virginia Raised Utah girl. I love Utah. Some don't. I do! Nough said.

1. It's beautiful! I love the mountains and hiking and camping. I love looking out almost any window and seeing these beautiful mountains.
2. Everyone is so creative and crafty. I love all of the crafter fairs and all of the craft stores. I love the way that people decorate. I love these beautiful watches that I learned about while in Utah! I am so going to make these if any of you want one!!

3. I loved this place called Jump On It! It was so much fun! I know this is an awful picture but it sure does show JUST how much fun I had. Kevin (my bro) and the two girls and I all had a blast here. It is basically a huge room filled with connecting trampolines! SO FUN! My mom was a great sport and she watched Talon for me while we bounced away.

4. I love how many people do hair in Utah. This messy bun I learned from my friend Natalie who is born and raised in Grantsville. I love big hair too...my brothers hate it but I think that it looks great! I always get my hair done while visiting Utah.
5. All of our children's Grandparents are in Utah! We love to visit family-who doesn't!! We will always have a place to stay and warm loving arms to snuggle with.

6. It's a great gathering place for relatives and friends who are spread across the country. It's almost in the middle of the country (umm...kind of) and most LDS families have one reason or another to come there.

7. There are so many fun day trips to do. We went to Daniel's Summit for a few hours: ate lunch, bought fudge, hung out at the lodge and then headed back home.
8. I love the weather! There is snow in the winter, which can get old after a while but it can also be so much fun. If it's cold outside then there might as well be beautiful snow to play in! I also love the summers there. In Virginia it's HOT and HUMID and in Utah it's only HOT and it doesn't even feel that hot!
9. I love the high standards of most of the people around you. We have been very lucky to live in a community here in Virginia that is full of Christians and people with great morals and great families. That is hard to come by! Sure there are some strange ducks but who doesn't have those?

10. There are a few places that will always have a special place in my heart...of course they are all linked to food! I love Cafe Rio...yum! I love Gandolfo's... another yum! On my first date with Johnnie boy we bought these delicious sanwiches and hiked to a waterfall to enjoy them. John and I also love this really old burger drive-thru called Brand X located in Springville (Heather...you know the one that I'm talking about!) A few other favorites are Magleby's Fresh and the grocery store- Macey's. I also LOVE Downeast Basics (the only link this has to food is the way that my fat bum fits into them ;)!


Hallie said...

I love UT too. I can't wait to go back. Those watches are gorgeous. I want one!

Ashcraft Adventures said...

So are you guys moving to Utah or what???? Utah is such a fun place...Im excited for my kids to grow up with so many outdoor activities and these craft shows really are AWESOME!

Oh, and I want a watch too!!! Let me know when you start making those!!

Emily said...

Now I'm even more homesick! You'd think after 7 years away I'd be used to it, but I miss all the same things you posted about. Especially the mountains and the snow and zero humidity. I'm definitely a desert girl. (Now if I can just get Markus to consider anywhere in the west I would be one happy chick.)

Stephanie said...

So, I guess you are pulling for an intership out in UT. I'm not a Ut. girl, but I'm definately a West girl...move me to the mountains!

Colleen said...

I am a fan of Utah too. It is a great place to be for all your 10 reasons!

Heidi said...

This is such a fun post....I loved reading everything and all the cool pictures. I really hope there is a chance you will end up there someday!

Heather said...

Unfortunately Brand X is not there anymore :(. It's now some overpriced BBQ place. And I just want to say, next time you're here, we need to get together if at all possible! You look fantastic by the way!