St. Nick came to town!

My family celebrates a German tradition where you put your shoes by your bedroom door on the evening of December 5th and you wake up to yummy goodies (only if you were nice of course). My kids loved it and I had a blast getting ready for it.

We told the girls to pick out their favorite shoes and Hailey picked out her red sparkly (Dorothy) shoes. She would wear those every day if I would let her. I am so mean...I actually make her match! We never give our children a free for all with candy and treats but I thought that I would give it a try. There wasn't really THAT much candy so I figured that they could have some fun.

My girls love sweets (what child doesn't?) and they whipped right through their few pieces of chocolate really fast. Hailey got new pajamas and Isabella got the movie The Polar Express. We have started a new tradition in our family of all snuggling up in our King bed and watching The Polar Express together. We have done this for a the last two years and it's really fun.

My shoes are filled with fruit...isn't that so exciting!! I am trying to cut the sweets out of my diet for an added push to get rid of my baby weight. It's amazing how sweet fruit is when it's the only sweet that you are eating!

The kids were enjoying a fun show together. This didn't last very long, but I thought that it was a great shot!


CLAMES said...

First of all, I love your shoes!

I'm sad I missed St. Nick's again. My dad (who is half German) did that for us growing up and I keep on meaning to give it a try. Maybe next year. :(

Emily said...

St. Nick was a day late at our house this year. I always forget (we never did it growing up) and this year so did Markus. The kids loved seeing their shoes with candy inside. So fun!