It's great when a flight is delayed....

When it means that I get to see the Russells! This family means the world to me and I have not seen them in 6 months!! They traveled here to fly out of the local airport and their flight was delayed by 5 hours! HOLY COW! What a great idea to come and visit us!! It was so fabulous to see them! Lincoln and Paige have grown up so much...so fast! It was my first time meeting Khloe and she is absolutely adorable. She has reminds me so much of Paige! We just hung out and Heidi and I couldn't stop talking for even a second. It was so great to catch up and to have this wonderful family in my home again. I'm already missing Heidi again. Thanks for making my day!

Sweet Lincoln!!

Paige and her Daddy!

Beautiful Heidi!

Sad Talon and Gorgeous Khloe!

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