Dear Santa

This is my little angel/sheep at her preschool Christmas party. She kept going back and forth on what she wanted to be...she's beautiful either way.

My friend Andrea had her three year old dictate a letter to Santa and I thought it would be fun to see what Hailey would say. Here's what I got! I write down exactly what she said with my added parenthesis for translation purposes!

Dear Santa Clause,
"I would like little lipstick. I would like ummm....a new Dee Dee (that's Hailey's blanket) because my Dee Dee is all ruined because of bubble gum. I like a magic pony (have you guys seen the one at Wal-mart that is so life-like? She of course would want that!) and please may I have a new ballet scarf (I have no idea what this is?)...ummm that's a lot! And please may I have jewlvry like my mom and a plant please. Hey Santa, was I a good girl? (She paused for a minute and then continued), Mom...did Santa say I was not a good girl? (as if Santa could hear her!) I do make funny faces to my sister."

On December 5th, St. Nick comes to our house and fills our shoes with lots of candy and a few presents. I had planned on Hailey's Christmas list to be in her shoe for St. Nick to take but that didn't happen. But he did come and left some fun things for us.
This is Hailey realizing that her shoes were full to the brim!

There's nothing better than candy for breakfast right? I spent the rest of the day divvying out her treats. She was given a new paint set with painting book (her favorite thing to do) and a new sweater.
Isabella received this adorable zip up hoodie that is leopard print! LOVE IT! Check out her face...you know she's thinking..."ummmm-MOM?"

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The Risdons said...

What a fun tradition. What's the significance of December 5th?