Hailey's ABC book

I have the best sister-in-laws in the world! I treasure them so much and have learned so much from all of them. One of my sister-in-laws Jen (John's brother, James's wife) is an amazing women who I am so lucky to have been able to grow close with. She makes these adorable ABC books for her kids and I was so excited to do this project his summer. Here are just a few pages.

For the past two years I have been selling jewelry and baby accessories which has been very fulfilling and very fun. It has taken a lot of my extra/spare time and I have really missed scrapbooking and all the happiness that it brings into my life. One of my goals for the next year is to catch up on Hailey's book (the last page I have is of her at 1 and 1/2)and start Isabella's! I have still found time to be a part of a cardswap and I have really enjoyed that!

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Nielsen Family said...

I think your ABC book is just the cutest thing ever! What a great idea & what a great mom!