Isabella's Babies

Since Isabella was 6 months old, she has had a thing for babies. Not just a normal love of dolls, but an obsession with them. She is so sweet and loving with them...it's so fun to watch. She has a few babies whose eye lids open and close and she can be entertained for quite some time with it! At Thanksgiving she was so excited to play with my cousins daughter Hana but she kept going for her eyes!! Yikes!
She has recently been trying to figure out how to crawl while holding onto the baby. She has finally figured it out...at least for a few feet and then she'll either give up on her destination or abandon the baby. John and I both swear that she said "baby" when she was nine months old. For about a week she would make these fun sounds that sounded just like baby and of course her doll was either in tote while saying it or very close by...however; she hasn't said it in a while so chances are...she's not talking at 9 months (but John insists that she does daddy!) I wouldn't be surprised as they are best buddies and she does spurt out mamamama quite often.
Izzie seems to be a lot like Daddy when it comes to getting her picture taken! I can't tell you how many pictures I have of her with this exact same face. John and her both...see the flash of the camera and interpret it to mean...close your eyes now! This is a picture taken from the proud Hailey who has recently fallen in love with my camera. She begs to take pictures of her toys...thank goodness for digital cameras.
She has such a sweet disposition and has a smile for everyone. We will find her just keeping herself busy in her room with toys that Hailey has left on the floor. She has been so fun to have in addition to our busy Hailey and the combination of the two personalities evened out our family.
It's the funniest thing...when you put her on her back, she doesn't roll over! She can...she's done it before...but she just forgets??? Hailey was the exact same way. Hailey didn't roll over until she was over one years old!!! One night while laying down with Isabella I drifted off while she was still awake next to me. I woke up to her pulling herself up and in a sitting position! I couldn't believe that she can go from her back to sitting up (that's a lot of muscle control for a little baby) but not from her back to her tummy. One of these days she'll figure it out!

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