Summer Vacation

John has school all summer except for the month of August. It has been a great time for us to spend time with each other...as the rest of the year is very busy and always super hectic. With the help of John's parents, we were able to fly to Utah for three weeks and be there for the Hecker Family Reunion. It was a triatholon reunion with a lot of physical activities and we had a blast. Here is a picture from the conclusion of our reunion. It was great to have us all together. It is now John and my turn to start planning the next reunion. What should we do?? Where should we go??

We also had the chance to bless Isabella. All of John's brothers were there and two of my brothers were there. We did it in the Hecker's backyard on a beautiful Sunday morning. It was perfect. She was 6 months old and she's kind of a chuncky baby so we were all joking that she might need to sit in a chair for her blessing...it's a good thing that John is pretty tough and could hold her up...of course with the help of our strong family. Isn't she so cute??

We were also so lucky to be able to go to St. George to attend the wedding of my cousin Stephanie. It was a beautiful wedding and we had a lot of fun.
Hailey was lucky enough to have been able to use one of my cousins' Nintendo DS and she thought she was sooooo cool. We will not let her play ours so she got as much play time in as she could there.

At the St. George Temple

Have any of you had a chance to go to your high school reunions?? My ten year reunion is still not for another 2 years but we were lucky enough to be in Utah during John's reunion. It was fun to meet some of the people that John hung out with and even girls that he dated. We left the girls with John's mom and headed to the BYU Sky Room with one of his best friends Brady and his wife Brook. You should have heard these two guys in the car on the way to the reunion, "Man, what are we doing?"..."Maybe we should just go out the dinner instead." They were nervous-although I'm sure they would never admit it now! Love ya Brady!!

The last week of our trip was supposed to be relaxing and John and his dad planned a golfing trip to enjoy some of this time together. Well, they ended up missing their tee time and spending quality time together in the hospital instead. Not even a mile down the road from the Hecker home, they were hit "head on" by on another car. I pulled up the the accident scene to John being strapped onto a stretcher and being loaded into an ambulance. I always knew that John was hard headed but COME ON-he broke the windshield with his head and ended up with only a concussion!

Coming home from our trip was a nightmare! We were delayed in Salt Lake City by three hours and luckily we didn't miss our connecting flight in Houston...or so we thought! We ended up waiting on the airplane for an hour only to find out that they were cancelling our flight due to landing construction here in Norfolk! We couldn't get another flight for two days so we ended up spending lots of money on hotels, food, and clothes because they had sent our bags to Norfolk without us. We were soooooo happy to be home after that! Oh...did I mention that Hailey got sick a few times in the hotel due to a parasite that she caught while swimming in a Utah public pool? NASTY!! Let me remind you that we only had the clothes that were on us at the time. That's when we walked to a mall to buy everyone one change of clothes.
Here's a picture from our hotel room! No toys to entertain the little ones so we entertained ourselves!


The Jones Family said...

om my gosh, so many accidents!!! I'm glad though that John was ok after the head on collision!!! sooo, thinking of anymore vacations?! lol

Hailey and Isabella are just precious!

Andrea said...

With such a busy vacation, I'm glad we were able to see you! Your family is just so cute and of course you look FABULOUS!! I'm so happy you have a blog now so that we can keep in contact better!

Colleen said...

You guys have had quite the accident summer! I hope the winter is much better and I am so glad no one was seriously injured. I had my HS 10 yr reunion last summer and had a great time, but it was definitely surreal. It felt like no time had passed!