Corolla, North Carolina

The week of Labor Day we were fortunate enough to be able to spend a week in a beautiful beach house right off of the Beach. That is a trip that everyone just has to do! Renting the beach houses can cost a lot of money but if you do it right before or right after the summer, the cost goes down by thousands!! We had some relatives that flew to Virginia from Utah to spend the week at the beach and they invited us to vacation with them!! This house just happened to be perfect! It was huge (big enough to need an elevator) with a pool and hot tub, a real theater room, and a game room with arcades! The best part was of course the beach just right outside of the door. I did think that I was going to die only about 5 times as I was washed to shore by huge waves but that's what made it so much fun. There were only a few serious injuries...one in which my uncle ended up in an ambulance to the hospital. He was slammed into the ocean floor from the force of a big wave and had some neck injuries from it in the end...he also had a nice sand burn all down his face too.
Hailey and Isabella loved the beach...almost as much as their mommy and daddy did. We were lucky enough to be awake for the sunrise about 3 days out of the week because Hailey gets up so early. BEAUTIFUL!!!

Ouch! He could barely hold up his own head at this point!!


The Risdons said...

Hey Punk! How come you didn't tell me you had a blog? Well I'm putting you on my list. Check ours out. Miss you:-)

Andrea said...

I visited my brother in NC and we stayed on the beach...so beautiful! How much fun! I loved the picture of Hailey pulling something on the sad.

Anonymous said...

2nd pic that is a sweet little bum