Have you heard about the Half Priced appetizers at AppleBees after 9pm?? It's so great. My dear friend Heidi and I long for some time just to be women...which usually occurs after the kids are in bed! We went a little overboard and we ordered 4 appetizers for the two of us to share. It was so much fun and we are still laughing about just how much food that was.


Rachel Greenhalgh said...

Wow! I was looking through the list of recently updated blogs and saw yours, and I know Heidi! She used to live in the same apartment complex as I did, here in Gainesville. Crazy!

Andrea said...

That food looks yummy...but even more enticing is dinner with a friend after the kids are in bed! How much fun!

Colleen said...

Yay! Girls night! Some gals from my ward here did the late-night half-off appetizers at Applebees once. So fun and so yummy.