My 31st Birthday

 What a great year it has been!!! Great things have happened to our family, and our children, and our lives in general. It's a great time and I am extremely happy. John has successfully completed his education and graduated with his doctorate. He did such a great job that the practice asked if he wanted to stay and continue with his post doctorate work here in Erie. We have decided that it was a good fit for him and we are staying for another year and a half. He just completed the EPPP which is like the BAR or BOARDS for other professionals. It's a huge deal and he worked so hard. It's nice to have it in the past. The kids are blossoming and doing so great in their schools. I have amazing friends and we love the ward. Our home is clean and cozy and very comfortable. We feel so content here in Erie and although we wish we were closer to family (I know you have all heard me complain about this over and over) we have been lucky enough to have some friends that are like family to us. I don't feel lonely and I know that we have support! I love my new calling (Compassionate Service) and have found so much joy in serving others. I have lost 48 lbs since October and couldn't feel healthier or stronger. I'm still not getting much sleep...but am expecting that sometime within this year, all of my children will be able to sleep thru the night. Our families are healthy and doing well....we have plane tickets to Utah for three weeks this Summer...I'm training for a race...the list can go on and on. Just typing this and thinking about all of the blessings the Lord has given us, makes me a little nervous to think about what our future holds. I know trials are apart of life, they come and they go. They make us stronger and help us develop into more complete versions of ourselves. I'm grateful for the calm that we have right now. We have a lot of changes that will be happening within two years and it's crazy to think that our life can and probably will get really jumble up. We still have challenges, like being so poor that we are barely scrapping by, and being so busy taking care of children that there is no time to even pause in the day, and having a husband who is working so hard and whom we don't get enough time with, among others. I guess I am also grateful to see past that and to be able to enjoy the things that do make me happy.
 I'm glad to be 31 and had a great birthday!!
 Jandi planned such a rad party for me. In honor of the decade I was born...the theme was 80's! We had so much fun shopping for our 80's wear!! The funniest part is that we went to a thrift store to find our outfits...but after we went shopping at the mall a few days later, we realized that 80's style is EVERYWHERE....no need to find it in outdated clothes (although I still sported mine!) It's crazy to think that I am old enough to have a style of clothes come back into style. Weird. 
 What an amazing person Jandi is!! So glad to have her in my life!!
 Uber cute Carolee!! I am lovin' the jean vest. Hilarious!!!
 Cathy is the life of the party!! She is always so fun to have around. She didn't disappoint in her lovely tights and bright colors!!!!
 Lindsay went to the mall to find her outfit and so she actually looked hip (unlike my thrift store self!) and she actually used a crimper...I can't believe that she still had one!! Rachel...as cute as always!
 Don't you just love Nicole's big hair!! I actually REALLY liked it. I think she can pull it off!! Beautiful lady (with Jandi's brand new baby!)
 WOOO HOO!! That was a whistle!
 Jamie seriously ROCKED IT! Her outfit was just right!! Every detail was perfect!!
 We ate great food, stayed up late, talked all kinds of nonsense...laughed about the good ole' days and enjoyed each others company!

 They spoiled me with sweet gifts that still brighten my life each day!
 Why do I do that kissy face? Because it is certainly not attractive!
 I felt special. Really special and I am so thankful for sweet friends who made that all possible. I'm so lucky and thankful for these women in my life!!
 Not sure why I look like I'm praying...ha! John took me out to a delicious dinner. We ate, ate, and ate some more.
John always takes such good care of me on my birthday. He was even trying to plan a surprise party for me...which he actually doesn't really enjoy. It made me feel so good just knowing that he was going to have a party for me (once he found out my friends had it covered he decided to not go ahead). I love the party thing...LOVE IT. Not just for my birthday but for everyone's!! He prefers a low key celebration with our family...so thanks for thinking about ME John...and making my day perfect! I love you so much...
I have to throw in a quick...sorry for the sappy...over happy blog post. It will be nice for me to remember all of the joys in my life when there comes a time that it's harder. Like I've said before...this is my journal. I barely can keep up with it and certainly don't take the time to write down memories anywhere else...so if it makes you vomit...sorry :)!


The Huzzey's said...

You look so great!!! Glad you had such a fun Birthday, you deserve it!

Susan said...

You all look so Cute !!! What a fun party !!! And you are BEAUTIFUL!!!
Love you, Mom

Lehis said...

Oh Trina! Happy Birthday! You are hott beautiful lady! And your family is gorgeous, of course. You guys will have great friends where ever you go because you are so darn lovable! Move out to California will ya? I know John wants to commute to the city lol :-P

Rob and Andra Mahoney said...

What a FUN birthday! So glad you had a GREAT one! And it was wonderful reading about your family and all of the blessings you have in your life!!! <3