Isabella is 5!!!

 Isabella's first month!!
 She's one!!!
 She turns two!!!
 My baby is three!!
 And now she's four!
Wow!!! Isabella is FIVE YEARS OLD!!!

Hailey has begun to enjoy helping with parties and she is actually very good. I can give her a job and she gets to work!! Izzie's party was a simple "pink" party. Very easy to plan and tons of ideas for decorating. We kept it pretty low key...it seemed like there were SO many things going on this week...

The kids got to eat under the table...a highlight for my kids for sure!! Add a few lights and a cozy blanket and even I wanted to eat my lunch under there!!

Lucy decked out in pink. Almost everything that she owns is pink so it was an easy task!

She says that she had a great party and was so happy that her friend could come and play with her. She says that her favorite part was opening up presents (surprise, surprise!) Isabella is a special little lady. She is sweet and kind. She is easy going and playful. Her favorite animal is a dolphin and her favorite foods are macaroni and cheese and corn. She loves preschool (she says her favorite part is snack time) and is so excited to go to Kindergarten in the Fall (mostly because it means she gets to ride the bus with Hailey!) She is definitely my best eater at the moment. She is in the 85% for height and weight and is as healthy as a horse! We are so glad that you are in our family!!! Happy Birthday Beautiful!

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Rob and Andra Mahoney said...

Oh my gosh!!! I can't believe she's 5!!! She's so adorable! What a fun birthday!