Some Randoms!

The year 2012 has started out GREAT for the Hecker's! It's nothing specifically good that has happened. It's just been nice...relaxing...uneventful....and fun! The girls have loved dancing with the Kinect. John and I have a blast with it too!!!

This little one is growing up too fast. She is just about crawling. She loves to be with Mommy or Daddy at all times so if she is not in our arms then she is on the floor next to us playing with toys to distract her for a few minutes
We love our basement...it's so great for the kids to play with all of the toys while we enjoy the big screen!
Isabella is keeping herself busy!
Talon is always needing an extra snuggle!
My sweet girls picking out some breakfast. Like the title says...these are pretty random!

This is how I get ready in the morning. Like I  mentioned...Lucy needs to be with me at all times. She actually enjoys the Bumbo!
My main Christmas gift from John was a spa gift card. Jandi and I enjoyed a great night and we were pampered. Mostly....it was great to be with a great friend...and relax!
My girl Jandi!! She is 9 months pregnant and deserved this SO MUCH!. She had her hair cut and styled after this photo and I had a massage!
Hi feet!!!

The first snow of the season...which then completely melted and now we have a new fresh batch of thick beautiful snow!

I needed to clear the walk way and it's too cold for Lucy outside so she watched me from the front door!
Isabella wanted me to take this picture of her with the flower pillow. Silly girl!
Hey beautiful!!!

Our church time changed from 11am to 9am which makes for a long Sunday! Our favorite thing to do is curl up and snuggle and watch a movie to pass the time. Usually the snuggling is with John and I but I was pleasantly surprised when I came down to the basement to find all of my sweet babies laying next to each other, without fighting over covers or pillows. It was nice!


Jen said...

Ok, I loved looking through all of your pictures. And the last one--the kids watching a show while John plays with his "sister wife" (that's what we call James' iphone). Totally James!!!

Susan said...

Awesome RANDOM pictures !!! That is so fun for us far away. Love you all !! Momma