'Oh How Tweet'

 I've talked about her before...and I'm sure she'll be mentioned on this blog many times more...my sweet neighbor that is...Jandi! She is pregnant with her 4th boy!! Infact...today is his birthday. Although he isn't born yet. Weird huh? She is in the hospital right now...expecting his arrival any hour! I am so excited for her and her cute family. Although this is her 4th baby...she needed to have a special night just for her-because she deserves it! We had a small intimate group with Jandi's closest friends.
 In all her pregnancy glory! She has long beautiful legs that are so thin!! And then this adorable ball that sits on her tummy! It has been so fun to watch her go through her pregnancy this year. She got pregnant almost to the exact day that Lucy was born! So here she is about to deliver her baby...and my baby is 9 months old! Words can't express my feelings for Jandi! She means everything to me!
 The theme was 'Oh How Tweet' and it was really fun to plan. I went with sage green and light blue with hints of cream and white. Her guests signed little love notes to her in the "Are You My Mother" book.
 I have really felt so blessed with great friends in Erie. The truth is...I have been so blessed to have dear friends everywhere that we have lived. What this tells me is that there are amazing people everywhere you go....it takes time to build relationships. But once they are built, it's amazing just how much people become a part of your life. I would be a mess without friends. So thankful for all of the women in my life!! Cathy and Rachel are pictured here!
 The food is always the best part of the party! My friends where such great helpers...it took so much stress off of me and I could focus on the decorations and the details! Thanks girls!!
Amanda (baby boy due this week also!), Angalee, Jandi, and Jamie!
 Oh...this bread...give me a minute.
Okay...seriously. This is probably the best thing that has ever touched my lips (besides my cute husband!) Oh Cathy...what is it called? I can never remember. It's an artisan type bread...rises for many hours and then bakes in a cast iron skillet. This is a sweet version with chocolate pieces, and other sweet goodness inside. Then the chocolate butter...yes...CHOCOLATE BUTTER. It's smooth and creamy with varying chunks of more chocolate pieces. This satisfies me on so many levels!
 Cathy also brought a baked brie...another one of my favorites! She is an amazing cook!!
 These little parfait cups are my favorite. They even have little spoons!!! Our super fancy, uber amazing grocery store Wegman's sells these adorable cups and I want some soooo bad! Carolyn made a delicious mousse to fill the beautiful cups and they did not disappoint!
 Carolee (who I cannot believe that I didn't even get a picture of!) made these cupcake bouquets and the most amazing pesto, tomato herb squares...she is beautiful and talented! There were other amazing women who somehow snuck away without me capturing a picture of them! Jandi has great friends!
 Horrible picture...like really bad. BUT I spent a lot of time stressing about these darn blue bird cake pops...so they are getting their spotlight even though I am not that proud of them. They tasted good though. Looks are over rated...right?!?

 Great company!!!!
Dear sweet Jandi...I hope today is so smooth for your delivery and that your precious baby comes to the world peacefully and easily! We all love you so much!!


Jen said...

Fun pictures! I think your cake pops look great!!

Colleen said...

You always do such a beautiful job with your parties! And I agree. It's amazing how good friends can be found everywhere you live once you give it some time.
P.S. Your kids are DARLING Katrina!

Susan said...

Looks so awesome....and Jandi looks so cute!!! Love you !!!!

Rob and Andra Mahoney said...

What an amazing idea! That party looks soooo fun! You are such a sweet friend to plan that for her! And... you look AMAZING by the by!!!