May 2011

 Having my mom and dad stay with us was so great! My mom is super organizing...emphasis on SUPER. She is amazing. We were hard at work in my basement, rearranging and cleaning. Lucy is nursing in this picture and Talon was SO tired but I obviously already had my hands full. He just climbed right on up and made himself comfortable. He is fast asleep in this photo!

 Lucy's first bath. She did not like it!! This was the most that she had ever cried. We didn't even know she had it in her! She did get pretty dry and flaky after the bath...I think she was better off dirty!
 Our little caterpillar all dry and warm.
 Just cute....so funny!
 Lucy is not really a thumb sucker. So this was pretty random. Random enough that we took like 10 pictures of her doing it. She likes her binky when she is sleepy...not at night though. It's kind of hit or miss!
 I have been trying so hard to lose some of this annoying and ugly baby weight. This is what a lot of our meals have looked like lately. Kinda boring.

I was trying to take a picture of Talon holding Lucy. She was starting to get fussy and Hailey thought she had to come to the rescue. Poor Talon...always gets the baby taken from him!


Chablis said...

You look WAY too pretty to be organizing your basement! Thank heaven for moms!
Eating healthy is always boring isn't it? I've just been trying to teach myself the same thing. It does all look pretty on your pretty plate though!!


Dixie said...

Ditto...Susan is the bomb when it comes to organizing and we so enjoyed having your parents with us to get better settled in. We could still use them and wish they were still across the street!!