I have been blessed with amazing friends. I am thankful every second of every day for these special women in my life. Caroline (right of me) has been the best of friends the last 3 years and I love her dearly. She organized a surprise party for John and I to help us learn more and to get more comfortable with Erie, PA! She has never been there...but she did all of the research for us. It was so sweet and so fun. We learned a lot!
She found a yummy bakery in Erie and had them ship TONS of goodies for the party. She sent us home with all of the leftovers and I was in heaven. We had chocolates and scones and chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal cookies and wedding cookies and chocolate chip brownies (my favorite) and much more. It was even sweeter because my most beautiful girl Heidi drove 4 hours to surprise me and I was SO happy to be with her. She spent the night at our house and I was very glad to have her so close. The next day was GLORIOUS. It was a beautiful day filled with laughter, memories shared, and memories made. It was amazing to me at how the day didn't just slip away and fly fast as time seems to do...but it was slow and memorable. We had so much fun and I was so sad to watch her drive away...knowing it might be awhile before I can see her and her kids again.
We were pregnant at the same time...Khloe and Talon are only a month apart.
Izzie and Paige!
Yummy lunch!!!
She is an awesome mom and I love to learn from her. She is sweet and loving and so darn fun!!!! Her children and husband are so lucky to have her!

I love my sweet posers....they are always ready for the camera.
Hmmmm...I wonder who they get it from??
Leprechauns came into our house while we were sleeping and left a delicious trail of gold candy and green, messy stringly things.
The best part is that they lead us to this....
Gotta love holidays!! When we woke up the next morning...our cute/rotten little girls had the green, messy, stringy stuff ALL OVER THE HOUSE. I mean it was everywhere. They didn't have near as much fun cleaning it up as they did scattering it about.


Chablis said...

Wow, Caroline is amazing! She obviously loves you so much. I'm trying hard not to be jealous looking at all these pictures! Wish I was there with you.


My-Garden of Eden said...

It was so fun to catch up with you! I seriously was jealous along with Chablis...those times were the best. Hard but the best. Maybe I should start the parties going on here? It was so fun to catch up with you.