Happy Thanksgiving....a week late!

We had a fabulous day filled with food, friends, and fun! Our friends 'The Burtons' invited us over and we felt so loved. The ladies and I had planned a night full of earlybird shopping so I ended up going to bed at 6pm on Thanksgiving night...well...I tried but I failed! I layed in bed from 6 to 10 and I think that I finally fell asleep around 9:15. Oh, it was so frustrating. I actually woke up at 9:45 so I had about 30 minutes of sleep. We left at 10:30pm to go and get in line at Toys R Us. We all got lots of the stuff that we had on our shopping list...minus a few really popular items that everyone else wanted too. By 2 am we were finished there and headed to IHOP for breakfast. I just love being with friends. I didn't even care how tired I was, or how rainy, windy and cold it was!! Two of us went and stood in line outside of Target (AGAIN...THE WEATHER WAS AWFUL!) I really scored at Target...worth waiting in line for! We didn't even have to stand in the checkout line but for a few minutes because we had a great system worked out! Kmart was the last stop that we needed to take...which is never busy so this was a breeze. We were home by 7am and I was feeling really tired. My house was quiet when I walked in...I was really excited that I might actually get a few minutes before they woke up. I crept quietly into my room and as I was about to get into my cozy bed I noticed my two little girls were snuggled in my place, snuggling John. Shoot! I ended up getting in Izzie's bottom bunk bed and was hoping that I was tired enough that I wouldn't miss MY bed. Nope...I couldn't fall asleep! What is wrong with me is what I kept thinking...these were valuable minutes of precious sleep that I was missing. My girls came running into their bedroom just a few minutes later and that was that. No sleeping today! I ended up getting a nap in the afternoon for about an hour and then went to be at 8pm that night and slept until 8am! That was just what I needed!
So I had great pictures of Thanksgiving and of our morning adventures shopping but my camera was stolen and so I do not have any of them. My camera was in my purse. My purse was in my car. My car was unlocked for one hour at the end of church. Don't leave your car unlocked....EVER...they didn't just take my camera though. They took my entire purse with SO many important things in it. I lost about $500.00 worth of goodies including lots of cash, TONS of gift cards (Christmas gifts for our family), and of course the camera. I am still in the process of trying to get my life back together. I have ONE card in my new wallet. It is so empty. I went with my girls last night to get a free redbox and I couldn't even get it because you have to swipe a card so they can charge you if it's late. Shoot!


The Tyler's said...

It really was a great Thanksgiving. I will remember it forever.
The shoppping would not have been as much fun if it were not for you...you make everything better!
And...again so sorry about the purse. Seriously the worst thing ever!

Ashcraft Adventures said...

Uhhh I love hearing about shopping trips like that! Stacey and I did that in Salt Lake 2 years ago and it was the funnest time EVER!!! Thats a huge down side of living in Vernal...no fun stores. I guess I could have waited outside of Walmart...but I dream of Target:)

And Im sorry about your purse! And at church...Good Grief!!!

Chablis said...

I can imagine Thanksgiving with the Burton's to be very entertaining. I really miss the Thanksgiving's we had at the Zondler's. But nothing beats Thanksgiving at home. :)