Happy Birthday Gorgeous Heidi!

Heidi is one of those women that you just can't get enough of. She is incredibly thoughtful and kind. She is always thinking about other peoples feelings. I am so thankful that I was able to have her near me in Virginia for a year (I can't believe that it was only a year!!) When she moved, I was so sad. Of course shortly after she left, all of my other dearest friends moved and I thought I was going to die. Yes I am dramatic.  I did not die. I was blessed with more great women to move into our ward and I am so thankful for them. I feel like all of the people that I have met in the last few years have taught me different things that I will carry with me forever. Heidi's love for people is contagious and she is so easy love! Her friends in North Carolina cherish her! I received an email from one of them a few weeks ago, about a  surprise party they were throwing for her 30th birthday party! I was so glad when it worked out for me to drive the four hours to surprise her! Thank you Virginia friends who took Hailey, Isabella and Talon for me!!! Thank you John for getting off work early and holding down the fort so that I could have a fabulous time!
They did a beautiful job!

They had all of us hide in the kitchen so that we could each come out one by one and give her hugs and kisses! I was the last person and this is her face as I walk around the corner!

I had the best sleepover with Heidi that night and we caught up on all of the latest with our lives. Before I had to take off back to Virginia we went to a special luncheon for Heidi! It was perfect and I was so sad that I had to go. Happy Birthday Heidi! I miss you already!


Caryn said...

I am going to have my husband start reading your blog so he can see all the fun things you do. Then he can convince me to do the same. I'm motivated to take more trips in 2010. I'm glad you made it to the surprise party. That stinks about your purse!!! So sorry to hear it.

The Tyler's said...

Oh..the party looked amazing! My favorite part is all the drinks lined up in the back. Super cute!

Have fun having your Hubby and baby back tonight!!

Chablis said...

That is so special!! It melts my heart.