Boston Girl Trip

 This was a first for me! Not only a weekend but 4 entire days away from my children!! I was super excited but also SO worried that I was going to miss them too much and it was going to consume me. The first day (half of which was spent traveling) I was almost in tears a few times...but I warmed up to the thought of having no children to take care of and to be on my own!  I couldn't wait to see all of the girls...afterall, it wouldn't be a girls trip without them! Four of John's sisters and two sister-in-laws (me included) were all able to make it. 

John's sister Anna and her husband Dave are currently living there and my sister-in-law Jennifer had the fabulous idea for us all to meet and stay with them.
Where do I even begin??? We shopped, ate, played games, ate, laughed, and toured the best Bostons sights! When Anna told me that we were walking past the hotel where Boston Cream Pie was first made....I had to have a piece! This little pie was $8...enough for one bite for each of us. Not the tastiest Boston Pie that I have ever had...but still fun!

I loved all of the old buildings and the character of Boston! Some of the buildings were built in the 17oo's! I can't explain the feel of Downtown Boston...the sky was overcast, there was an occasional rain sprinkle and the air was crisp. It was not too cold...it was not hot....it seemed like the perfect Boston day! One of my favorite things were the old alleyways...some were dirty and bare...some where filled with residences belongings...my favorite where the ones with window flowerboxes and old street lamps. SO COOL!

Here's a picture of all of us!  It's the only picture I have of all of us. John's 4 sisters and me and his brother's wife Jennifer.

There were cool statues like this all over downtown Boston. Every corner had another surprise. I loved how one minute you were walking on narrow sidewalks and crossing busy roads and then walking through peaceful cemetery's filled with old trees and ancient churches.

One of my other most favorite parts of Boston was this amazing bakery named Mike's Pastry. All over Boston, you can see people bustling around the city with one of these boxes in hand...I would instantly feel connected to them! My favorite...the Florentine Canoli! HOLY CANOLI!! I had never had a canoli before and I was in HEAVEN! We even had to go back to the North End of Boston to Little Italy to get some more! I bought three to take home to my family...I just HAD to share this with them! I carried it the whole way home to Virginia. I even had a man tell me that someone on his last flight was carrying a little scrumptious package, just like mine! I'm tellin' you...if you are ever in Boston...find this place...even if there is a line and the store is PACKED with customers...even if the line goes around the corner (luckily we missed this rush) make a sacrifice...it'll be worth it!

Here is a picture of the Florentine Canoli. It is scrumptous!!

We filed into the pastry shop and had to work our way to the counter.

We went to Walden Pond! It was indescribable. The trees were so beautiful. Fall is pretty everywhere...but it was gorgeous in Boston.

This is the Charles River.  My sister-in-law lives right next to it. We had to take advantage of the scenery. I have neen running for the past few weeks to get prepared for a Turkey Trot in November and I was really excited about running HERE!!! We ran along the water and over a huge bridge. What a beautiful place.

Thanks to Jennifer for the idea. Thanks to Anna for hosting and driving and feeding. I am so thankful for the Heckers in my life! I knew from the first time that John introduced me to his family that I was going to love them forever!


Jen said...

Fun times! Love all the pictures. Where do we go next?!

Chablis said...

Ack! I had no idea this was even happening! YOU deserved it so much. It's really rejuvinating to get away from the kids...just for a little bit! (I should take my own advice)

It looks like so much fun! xoxo

Emily said...

How fun! Glad you had a good time--it's always great to get some time away from the kids. (And thanks for watching ours at Busch Gardens while we took Jessie and my sister through the haunted houses--we owe you!)

Stephanie said...

I love Boston! VB has a Turkey Trot? 5K? Where, when, and what is the entry fee? I was going to do ours up here, but now that we're going to VB, I had to change my plans. Maybe I can still do it.