Hailey Goes to School

This day was filled with tons of emotions for me. I was mostly anxious because I was expecting to have to drag my screaming daughter down the street and onto the bus. My mind kept filling with questions such as, "Why is my Child the only one who hates school?" I desperately wanted it to go well for HER. Lots of prayers and blessings in preparation for this day. I knew that we needed to be very READY with everything in order. I made sure that the house was perfectly clean, that her new clothes (that she COULD NOT wait to wear) were hanging nicely from the end of her bed, her backpack was packed and ready to go. We had a yummy breakfast...BLUE waffles (anything to get a smile!) and we spent the morning snuggling and keeping the atmosphere at LOW stress. She took a nice, long, warm shower and was so excited that I let her blow dry her own hair. I was still praying for a miracle...for my daughter to NOT cry when the bus arrived.

I debated on driving her...but thought that putting her on the bus screaming would be better than putting her in her class screaming. The Principal at her school asked us to NOT drive our children to school on the first day (sad...) which just pushed me to letting her ride the bus.

She has afternoon Kindergarten which at first I thought was AWFUL. John quickly reminded me that we have a little girl who likes to stay in her PJ's as long as possible and MUST eat breakfast before she gets dressed for the day. She loves to watch morning cartoons and does not do well with being pushed out the door...or being rushed getting ready. I am so glad that we have the morning to relax, hang out, and get her ready SLOWLY!

So you may be thinking....What is the big deal?....and Why in the world are you so worried about this-she'll be fine! Let me remind you of the HORRIBLE experience we had last year with her attending Preschool and JUST HOW MUCH SHE HATED IT! She cried all year long and it killed me everyday. We finally pulled her out early (April instead of June) because it was breaking my heart and because it was only preschool and WE COULD! Kindergarten is necessary and she NEEDS to be there.

The good news is that she doesn't have to take a nap or eat lunch there which are big pluses for her.

All ready to go. Not too worried about the day yet. Still excited that she wearing her SUPER long dress like her mommas!
Now we are at the bus stop...in the rain...and she is NOT happy. Getting her on the bus was better than I expected. I had to help her get her feet on the bus, one leg at a time, and then I had to push her to keep going but she was not sobbing...only whining. COULD HAVE BEEN WORSE!

She is ALWAYS happy when she gets off of the bus and today was no different. This is her friend Kali (1st grader) who she adores...and was so glad that she was able to ride the bus home with her.

Yesterday John brought her to the bus stop and said that he had to put her on the bus and the bus driver had to help him. Today was not bad...she was crying but got on herself. Her bus driver is a little stern and I think that she would rather do it herself than have the bus driver help her.

The good news is that she likes school....a lot. She says great things about it so I think that she'll soon stop complaining about getting on the bus ( I hope).


Chablis said...

She looks SO grown up! With it only being 1/2 day, hopefully she'll warm up to it quicker.

You are such a good momma and I don't think you could have done a better job at making school so special.

Love you!

Jen said...

I love that you made the day so special for her. She is one lucky little girl!

Lehikoinens said...

I'm sorry! I'm dreading this for Nursery, but again, its easy to come and get them and take them out. Kindergarden is a little more difficult! I hope it gets better!!

Colleen said...

It is so fun to see all these kids who were babies the last time I saw them in person heading off to Kindergarten! Hailey is so cute! The boys are always so jealous that they can't ride the bus because we've always lived too close to their schools!

Hallie said...

Sounds like Heavenly Father had a hand in getting her in the class she needs to be in. Afternoon kindgergarten definitely sounds best for her. I'm glad she loves school. Tyler hates it. He would so much rather stay home. But he now loves to ride the bus. He didn't like it for most of the year last year (I took him too and from in Kindergarten - big mistake). He was always begging me to take him to school and pick him up. But this year he gets so upset if he thinks he's going to miss the bus and have to be taken to school. I think it's hilarious. Good luck! I know things will get better, she's just going to take her own sweet time getting there, and from the sound of how she likes her mornings, she's going to take longer than you would like, but it will come.

Pete said...

Yay Hailey, I wish I got blue waffles

Jones said...

hey there, I just saw your comment on Maddy's 'sorry' letter. There are about 10 words or so she knows how to write: her full name, mom, dad, grandma, dog...

as to this letter, we sat down and discussed what it should say and I wrote it out, and she copied it. lol. I bet Hailey could copy a letter if you sat her down. It might take a while. I had to keep telling Maddy to FOCUS! lol.

I love her long dress! and she only does half day kindergarten? didn't know that was an option...or aroundher it's not. Maddy goes to school from 8am till 2:15pm. long, but nice to have some quality time with the other two kids!

Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

PHEW! I can understand the stress! I am glad it went better that expected. Those blue waffles sounded pretty cool!

Janell said...

Can you believe we have kindergardners? It seems like just yesterday we were preggers with Ethan and Hailey and trying to hook them up at Brady's wedding. Time is flying by way too fast. Hailey is gorgeous..just like her mommy. You're such a great mom!

Natalie said...

Hey katrina you know your Boston trip didnt publish right??? Or maybe it is just my computer. Anyways I can't see it and I want too.