This is how I get it done!

Cooking dinner is one of my favorite things to do. I don't dread it...I look forward to it. If I don't plan for it...then I dread it but if I am organized and have a menu then I LOVE it. John is still at work while I am preparing dinner and the kids are usually getting tired and are hungry and someone almost always wants to be snuggled when my hands are covered in something. Talon loves to have his own pot and spoon. He instantly stops crying and is entertained for at least 20 minutes (THAT'S HUGE!) Isabella usually ends up on the counter and Hailey's chair (which she uses to stand on) is usually placed right next to wherever I happen to be. We have a tiny kitchen...it can get a little snug...but I love it. usually.


Chablis said...

That is exactly what I do with henry!He loves to play with a pot and a spoon.

LOVE that apron - btw! :)

Jones said...

oh how cute! lately cooking has been a chore for me, lol. I am on a very strict diet so if I could I can't nibble on the stuff and it's sad that it's not for me. oh well, skinny tastes better! hee hee

I do love when my kids gather round to help me cook. great times.

Heidi said...

LOVE this picture of you...so Katrina - gorgeous always, even when cooking and wait.....there is NO trail of flour!! You are my hero!

Emily said...

Cute apron! When my kids help cook they fight over who gets to put the next ingredient in. Not exactly fun and relaxing. ;) But at least they're helping!