Primary Talent Show 2009

This is me and our Primary Presidency at our Primary Talent Show a few weeks ago. So we totally have eyes on our chins...they are too light so you can't really tell! I think that we had more fun practicing and doing this than anyone will have from watching it!! We laughed so hard we were crying! So I was wearing a skirt (like always) and when I did that 2nd kick I swear I was about to show the world what I got! That was when I freaked out and jumped up like a weirdo. I like how I am the most bouncy one in the bunch...hmmmm....embarrassing. Can you figure out which one I am?

Just provin' that we had eye's on our chins!
Hailey LOVES to bake! I think that her favorite part is the tasting...but either way this is what she wanted to do for her talent. She had a lot of fun! She totally tried to sample everything as she was pouring it in her bowl. FOR REAL! She took a handful of oats and downed them before I even had to a chance to realize what had happened. EVERYONE was crackin' up...seriously Hailey....OATS? She sure thought they tasted great!


Chablis said...

Hahahah! I would have loved to watch her do that! What a cutie. I remember talking about doing that last year - we had more fun doing that than people had watching as well. Good memories!

Stephanie said...

Love Primary Colors CD and the cute idea to share the song. Looks like Hailey takes after her mom in the kitchen.

Heidi said...

I am totally laughing my head off - at you and your daughter!!! That was great - I think next time I use oats I will eat a handful in honor of Hailey!! Love it!!