Isabella turns 2!!

What a beauty! Sparkler candles and all!

Check out her eyes! H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!

Giddy Up!

She got a Baby Alive (Sit and Slurp) and loves it! Hailey has had the hardest time dealing with the fact that it's not her birthday. Some things in life never get easier!!

Seriously...this snake was all over Hailey-atleast as much as it could be with a thick pane of glass in between! Can anyone one say Dudley and Harry Potter?

Isabella turned 2 on February 8th! We celebrated her all weekend and had so much fun. On Saturday we went to the zoo and had a picnic lunch. Then we came home for naps and got ready for a nice dinner at the Texas Roadhouse. We NEVER bring all of our kids to a restaurant anymore because it can get a little crazy. Since it was a very special occasion, we decided it would be worth the effort. We brought Hailey to the same restaurant for her 3rd birthday and they put the kids on a saddle and yell out to half of the restaurant that it's their birthday. I thought that she would totally freak out...but I was surprised when she seemed to actually enjoy the attention! On her actual birthday (Sunday) we had cake with her and had our friends the Burtons over to enjoy it with us. John made her a beautiful and delicious cake!
Isabella is so special in our family. I don't know what Hailey would do without her. For now, she is the middle child but she knows how to get the attention that she needs. She always loves to be held and reminds us often that she is still a baby! She has started to talk SO much! She still loves her binky (cringe) and her burpies! She clings onto one stuffed animal at a time and she can't get enough of them for about a week or two and then she is on to something new. She is very picky about who she invites into her bed at night!! She loves cheese sticks and fishies (gold fishes) and thinks that it is so cool every time that I make smoothies. She sleeps all night long-finally! I know....it shouldn't be that big of a deal right? She's two...of course she should be sleeping thru the night...but trust me. IT'S A HUGE DEAL!! Yeah for Isabella. She loves the Wiggles and Elmo's World. We love you Bella Baby!!

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Chablis said...

FINALLY she is sleeping threw the night!!! Good gracious it is about time. Now it's Talon's turn :)