Hailey was so excited about going to Preschool and she talked about it everyday this summer. I was so happy for her because with me just having a new baby and being stuck at home so much, I knew that boredom would get the best of her. Her first week of school went well. She came home happy each day and so pleased with herself.

This is how the second and third week of school have gone! Not good! Yes, John is carrying her out the door! AUGH!! She refuses to get dressed in the morning and has way to big of an opinion about everything. We gave up last week and told her to pray about going to school and ask Heavenly Father to help her know what she should do. John and I have been praying our hearts out as well. We thought, maybe she really shouldn't be going if it makes her this sad. She would rather sit in her room for 4 hours doing nothing than go to her school.
Having a newborn and trying to deal with this each morning has just about killed me. I dragged her on the bus with her screaming and crying one morning. I then cried the whole walk back to our apartment. My mom and I went and spied on Hailey that day...I just had to know if she was okay. SHE WAS FINE! Laughing and dancing with her friends. She came home happy too but then the next day we started all over again.
This last Monday she refused to go, yet again, and we didn't even try. All we heard all day from Hailey was...I'm so BORED, and I want to play with Gracie (her bestfriend who moved to Utah). I try to entertain but lets be honest...SHE NEEDS WAY TOO MUCH ENTERTAINMENT! This mommy isn't sleeping so much and I'm about stretched as far as I can be.
So we decided that she is 4 and we are making the rules around this joint. I know that she is being well cared for and I've witnessed the fun things that they do there. So...my little girl is being forced to go to preschool...for her own good. Not all children need it. Infact, most don't! BUT-SHE DOES! She is so busy and SO badly needs some good friends. I'm glad that she likes to play with Isabella and me all day but we aren't as fun as other 4 year olds. She doesn't have any friends her age where we live and she is the only sunbeam at church. This poor girl needs some playmates.
We've tried everything that you can imagine and we are now to the point where we are picking her up at 10:30 to shorten her day...a ton!
I even brought her to another preschool to see if she would like it better. She still said that she wasn't going. She stomps her foot and says, "I'm not happy about this." We hear that a few times each day.
I'm sorry this post is so long but it has been such a priority in my life the last month. If you have any suggestions please share!!


The Ashcraft Family said...

Oh Katrina, what a life 3 children can lead huh:) Every child is different...however, when Kollin started preschool I left him crying and screaming, every time reaching out for me! It was heartbreaking. The teachers there told me not to quit. That eventually he would be okay. And after a few minutes (or after he saw his mom sobbing in the parking lot) he was okay.

It was the longest month of my life...but after about 5 weeks of it he was so excited to be there and see his friends that he'd forget to say goodbye to his still sobbing mom :)

All kids are different, but I think that a few hours a day with someone else entertaining them (especially on the social and educational side) is really good for them!

Good luck and hang in there...it'll get better!!! (I LOVE the picture of John carrying her out the door!!!)

Leah said...

I love your crazy child!!!! Wish i was there to help! See you in October adn good luck. You know i have no advice except what you are doing! I'll call yo soon!

Hallie said...

I don't have any tips or advice for you, but I do sympathize with you. Everymorning, I walk tyler to the bus stop, wait with him and listen to him whimper and whine and cling to me until the bus actually pulls up. Once it gets there, he reluctantly lets go and runs to get on the bus. Everyday he says that school is good or fun, but then when nighttime comes, we spend quite a bit of time listening to him whine and complain about having to go tomorrow and try to come up with excuses why he can't go. And he's in 1st grade now. I firmly believe that they are just trying to get us to give in and let them stay home, and I know that eventually it will go away. I think she's just having a hard time adjusting to the big changes in her life. Give her time and lots of love (which I know you do) and she will be fine. If you need anything (even just someone to talk to) you know where I am.

Heidi said...

Abby was nervous about going to first grade. She kept asking me if I would home school her instead. She would cry about it and one night stayed awake until 5 AM worrying about school. One day, I went into her room, sat on her bed and had a talk with her about school. I told her that her feelings were normal and that I feel nervous when I start new classes too. Then I said something like, "Besides I think you are just playing a trick on me. I think that when I'm not around you do a dance and sing 'I'm going to first grade! Yeah! I'm going to first grade!'"(I did a little jig while singing the song and we both laughed.) Abby shook her head but then as I was leaving the room, I would leave and then suddenly stick my head back in to try to catch her singing and dancing about first grade. So, she started doing the little jig and then we were able to joke about it instead of worry about it. I don't know if this would work for Hailey because each child is different but I think humor often helps situations like these. Good luck, Katrina! It will get better!

CLAMES said...

It must be the birthday! Ashley is so stubborn too!

Kids are so sensitive to change. I'm sure having a new baby around is just making the wheels in her head spin a little faster. :)

The Jones Family said...

how funny, cause the last week and a half Maddy says the same thing "I don't want to go to school". luckily we haven't had any crying but she does pretend to be sick some mornings to get out of going...doesn't work. YET she LOVES it when she's there and tells me about her great day when she comes home! weirdo. preschool is only 3 hours a day. but she NEEDS that 3 hours out of the house and with friends.

I think you're doing great making her go... she'll get over it soon I'm sure.

now go get some sleep!! hee hee

Heidi said...

Oh Katrina - that must be so hard right now!! My heart and prayers go out to you. You are the most wonderful Mom and that Hailey is such a special girl!! That strong little personality will move mountains...keep up the good work!! Love you!!

Emily said...

That is so sad. Poor girl! I wonder if part of it is having a new baby in the family. Mark went through something similar going to primary when Adeline was born and then again when we moved. A friend from our ward here in Richmond suggested giving Mark something to share with everyone in his class. I talked to his teacher and gave Mark a sheet of stickers with enough for each of his friends. He was so excited to go to Primary that morning and hand them out! Such a change from the kicking and screaming and crying we went through the week before. The next Sunday he told me he didn't need the stickers, he could go on his own. I was amazed at how simple it was and that it actually worked! By the way, Talon is such a cutie! His newborn pics look like my kids at 3 months! : ) Good luck with everything!

The Risdons said...

Easton did that too last year. It was a good month of both of us crying at drop off and I would come to pick him up and he'd be waiting by the gate ready to go. But I knew he needed it. She needs it too. She's probably freaking out about the birth of Talon and this is her way of dealing. It will pass...you'll survive. You just had a baby. You are and will be in survival mode for a little while. Good luck!