Happy Birthday Chablis!

Birthdays have been so fun this year, as we have celebrated with all of our friends. Chablis' birthday is on Saturday, June 21st. Hailey and her have the same birthday which is so fun. Heidi planned the most magnificent get together and it was perfect. We went to Olive Garden for the festivities, but this was no normal trip to Olive Garden. Each place setting was adorned with a snazzied up candy bar, sweetly wrapped Hershey kisses, and a cd made just from songs that remind us of our friendship with Chablis.

Heidi made a beautiful fondant cake...yes fondant! She did an unbelievable job. Everyone at the restaurant was ohhhing and awwhing. I may actually think about doing a fondant cake after watching Heidi succeed. The colors for the party were pink, silver, and white. The cake totally displayed this beautifully. The center pieces were silver painted marshmallows (edible of course).

Out of the 7 girls at the party, 6 of us were pregnant! It was so fun!! We took a picture for memories sake. We are standing in line in order of our delivery dates. The first girl in line (Shannon) will be delivering any day now!

The four of us girls have grown quiet a bit from a month ago! I'm due on September 15th, Abbi is due on September 23rd, Heidi is due on October 19th, and Chablis is due on Nov. 2nd. After all of our deliveries we will all have 2 girls and 1 boy! Funny huh! I sure do love these girls and will be sad when our party that we call life will slow down. Heidi is moving to North Carolina in one week, and Chablis moves in October. These moments together will be cherished forever!!

Happy Birthday Chablis! You truly are one of the most caring and giving women that I know. You are supportive and loving and so much fun to be around. Thank you for your example, for your beauty, and for your friendship.


Chablis said...

Again, thank you so much. I felt so special, and everything was beautiful. I had SO much fun. I love you to pieces.

Leah said...

I love the picture of all you pregnant ladies....sooo fun and such fun memories!!!