28 weeks...almost!

I had Hailey take my picture today...I'm wearing the same shirt that I wore just 8 weeks earlier in the post about finding out the sex of the baby! Wow...a lot can change in 2 months. Check out this big boy! I am measuring 2 1/2 weeks ahead of schedule so I get to have another ultrasound to see what's going on. I have to wait another week and a half for that appointment though...bummer. Not the greatest shot...but it's fun to see the change in belly while wearing the same shirt. I was 20 weeks in this picture!

I'm almost 28 weeks in this one!

So the shirts the same, I never said anything about the pants! I don't think those jeans would fit me right now. Ummmm....definitely not!


The Jones Family said...

LOL. I saw the post title: 28 weeks, and the first picture I saw was the 20 wk one...thinking it was your 28 week one and I was about ready to come hop a plane and force feed you...heehee, I thought NO WAY can she be that small!! but actually you still are...rather you just plain look GREAT!!! question: have you been able to work out this pregnancy??

...and I'm so so excited it's a boy...how many kids do you guys want? I think I'm done! lol. that is until they hand me my new little baby...oh I'm a sucker for kids!!!!

Natalie said...

I can't wait to take your maternity pics! You have the cutest little belly! I see you little ticker and always catch myself wondering if I'm going to be there in time! I'm waiting for pics of the big b-day bash! I so excited to see!

Jen said...

You look fab, as always. I look that pregnant at about 16 weeks!!