Strawberry Picking

This was such a fun activity to do with the kids! Hailey had so much fun. It was the perfect day for strawberry picking. Virginia Beach has lots of fresh produce farms where you can either pick your own fruit and vegetables or buy it from their market. I went home with 10 lbs. of strawberries and only spent $6.00! Amazing! They were so delicious and so beautiful. I had all these ideas of how we were going to eat these strawberries but we ended up just eating them with every meal and I also made chocolate covered strawberries for a party! They taste so different because of how fresh they are. One bite of these yummy strawberries, and you are left with a trail of juice down your shirt...they are so juicy!
Paige just picked away!! She had her whole bucket full of strawberries so quick. She had a great time.
Because Isabella is fighting the walking, she ended up sitting in her stroller observing most of the time. No complaints from her! She enjoyed watching all of us while she lounged in the sun!
It was so funny to see the difference between how Heidi and I picked our berries. She could find one spot and sit there for a few minutes as she picked berry after berry. I on the other hand, I would only pick one here and then one there. I was all over the place!
Hailey was so fun to watch. She didn't pick a ton of berries...but she would come over to my bucket and see a really big one and put it in her bucket! Lincoln and her preferred just to run up and down the aisles and look at bugs and such!


Leah said...

I have to say that I am so jealous...ths reminds me of Richmond so much andI haven't found a spot here to pick stawberries yet...however, we had strawberry shortcake everynight with the Richmonds for dessert until they were gone and I made jam!!! Oh the memories!!!

JM_Josephine said...

where did you go strawberry picking,i am looking for a good place to go this year...