Parsley Eater!

I kept finding little holes in my parsley and I couldn't figure out who was eating it! I finally found the little bug who was responsible. I think that he is really cute though so I left him alone! I figured he can enjoy it just as much as the rest of us...there is plenty to go around. I have a weird issue with killing bugs that are outside. Our rule in our home is that if it's in the house...it's toast...but if it's outside then it's free to roam where it pleases. I get so sad when I see the neighborhood kids playing with our little frogs and caterpillars. I seriously have a problem though...because I get really sad! If I see a little frog I try to hide it before any of the kids come and torment it! Hailey was really enjoying watching a little caterpillar crawl around the other day and we were talking all about how they lived and she even was thinking of names for her. Then, as she was spinning around in circles she accidentally squashed it! AUGH! I was horrified! I told you...I have a problem!

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